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Pak citizen contested Assembly polls in '96

Pak citizen contested Assembly polls in '96

Author: Staff Reporter
Publication: Assam Tribune
Date: July 30, 2008
URL: http://www.assamtribune.com/scripts/details.asp?id=jul3008/at01

Believe it or not, an infiltrator with a Pakistani passport had gone to the extent of contesting the Assam Assembly polls in 1996. This unprecedented incident was brought to the fore by the two judgements passed by the Gauhati High Court that ordered deportation of 50-odd illegal Bangladeshi settlers recently.

The hard-hitting court order by Justice BK Sharma alluded to the case (Md Kamaruddin, reported in 2000 (2) GLT 79), in which the petitioner, an infiltrator with a Pakistani passport, contested the 1996 Assembly elections in Assam from the Jamunamukh constituency.

Terming the incident as something that "can happen only in Assam", the court said, "The petitioner was in possession of a passport issued by the Pakistan Government, on the strength of which he travelled to Dhaka in Bangladesh from where he sneaked into Assam and even contested the election."

This leaves little doubt as to the sinister designs behind the unabated cross-border influx - that is to wrest political control from the indigenous populace. In a significant observation, the court noted, "If the phenomenon of cancerous growth of Bangladeshis continues, the day is not far off, when the indigenous people of Assam, both Hindus and Muslims and other religious groups, will be reduced to minorities in its own land and the Bangladeshis, who are freely and merrily moving around the fertile land of Assam, will intrude upon the corridors of power."

The court also came down heavily on corrupt and inefficient government officials and police besides political parties which makes it possible for the illegal migrants to have easy access to vital documents such as ration card, voters' list and even passport.

"The discrepancies (in the documents) are so glaring that it cannot escape the notice of any prudent man, more particularly, the authorities of the Regional Passport Office entrusted with the solemn duty of issuing passports to genuine Indian citizens," the court said while disposing one of the recent cases, adding that the police was equally callous in not noticing the anomalies in the documents provided by the illegal Bangladeshi settler.

"If the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India are being upheld in the above manner by the authorities entrusted with the task, it is easily conceivable as to what is in store for Assam," it said.

The court also observed that "some political parties have been encouraging and even helping illegal migration with a view to building vote banks…Moreover, with corruption being all-pervasive, corrupt officials are bribed to provide help."

The developments make it clear that the infiltrators are not only consolidating their numerical strength in Assam but are also having a major impact on the political process, especially in the matter of electing public representatives.

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