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Govt, migrants aiding each other: AASU

Govt, migrants aiding each other: AASU

Author: City Reporter
Publication: Assam Tribune
Date: July 13, 2008
URL: http://www.assamtribune.com/scripts/details.asp?id=jul1308/at04

Lambasting the State government for its failure to drive out the illegal Bangladeshi migrants from the State boundaries even after three years of scrapping of the IM (DT) Act by the Supreme Court, the All Assam Students' Union today alleged that the Tarun Gogoi government, illegal Bangladeshis and fundamentalist forces are supporting one another's existence in Assam. Launching an agitation programme on the third anniversary of the scrapping of the IM (DT) Act, the students' body organised a 'Sangram Dhwani' programme across the AASU district units in the State with beating of drums and khols, to "organize people against the danger ahead in the form of Bangladeshis."

AASU advisor Samujjal Kr Bhattacharya addressing a gathering at the Latasil playground said that the government cannot turn its back to this apparent threat to the very existence of Assamese community neither it can deny the fact that the fundamentalists and jehadi groups like Al-qaida and ISI are operating from Assam. "Time and again, their existence has been proven in the State," said Bhattacharya. "As that Gogoi government is patronizing the illegal migrants from Bangladesh and thereby pleasing the fundamentalist forces, no doubt that they would like the Congress government to continue," he added.

Once again warning the political parties of the State to think beyond vote-bank politics for the greater interest of the State, he also went hammer and tongs against the Assam Gana Parishad and former Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta for "cheating" the people of the State after assuming power. "To get the Bangladeshi vote, Mahanta and his ministers forgot all the promises they made to the people of the State and provisions of Assam Accord, signed 23 years back.

The students' body also condemned the ruling alliances in the Centre for not giving due importance to the problem of illegal influx in the State. "Whereas, the Indo-Pakistan border was sealed completely in three years with barbed wire and arrangements of electronic lights were done, on Indo-Bangladesh Border, even the fencing work has not been completed in last 23 years," added AASU generally secretary Tapan Kumar Gogoi.

"Illegal intrusion is no more a border problem. These unwelcome guests are now occupying our protected areas of tribal blocks, belts, our national parks and wildlife sanctuaries," Bhattacharyya reiterated.

"The problem, which was recognised by the Supreme Court three years back, is still haunting the State. Now, the common people, disgusted with the political leaders would take the reins in their hands to drive out the illegal intruders," he added.

Expressing solidarity with the AASU, the chief advisor of All Assam Gorkha Students' Union Bhaskar Dahal, advisor of Moran Students' Union Biranchi Neog, Khanindra Chandra Das of All Assam Semi-Central Employees Association and president of All Assam Dimasa Students' Union Prafulla Hafila assured the ASSU of their whole-hearted support in the movement against the illegal immigrants.

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