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Haywood is a CIA agent, say intelligence officials

Haywood is a CIA agent, say intelligence officials

Author: Ajit K Dubey
Publication: The Times of India
Date: August 27, 2008

Kenneth Haywood was an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), say sources in the intelligence agencies.

According to the sources, Haywood was involved in anti-India activities by hobnobbing with groups like the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

Haywood's Internet protocol address was used by terror groups to send the threat e-mail to news organisations prior to the blasts in Ahmedabad.

"This man had links with terror groups. His track record and his escape from India confirm that he was working for the US intelligence agencies," said a senior official. Officials also said that Haywood had served a term with the US army.

The official stated to be able to flee the country despite a lookout notice against him, means that Haywood received help from highly-placed sources.

"One of the immigration officials was suspended by the government and an inquiry has also been ordered to look into his escape, but this is an eyewash. One needs to have very high-level contacts to escape from the country when the agencies want you for investigation in a blast case. He must have contacts in the US embassy," said the official. He added that there have been instances where the Central Intelligence Agency has been found to be indulging in anti-India activities. "Rossiana Minchu, an American citizen, who was involved in the Navy War room leak case, managed to flee with the help of US embassy officials," said the officer.

- ajit.dubey@mid-day.com

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