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Please Neutralize Christian Pressure On The Govt. Of Orissa For Not Catching The Killers Of Swami Laksmanananda Saraswati.

Please Neutralize Christian Pressure On The Govt. Of Orissa For Not Catching The Killers Of Swami Laksmanananda Saraswati.

Dear Sir:

It is matter of regret that the Christian world has unleashed a war against us. It has mounted tremendous pressure on the administration of Orissa which, I have every reason to believe, is compelling the officers not to arrest the culprits of Swamiji's murder. People of the area say that the culprits are moving freely and if the locals are given the task of capturing them they will not even take two hours of time to catch the killers and hand them over to the police. But the police is playing mischief. Since the police had propagated that Swamiji was killed by the Naxals/ Maoists now it is not willing to arrest the culprits because it will falsify its earlier claim. The pseudo secularism is also playing a great role in the matter.

At the same time the police, in order to boost the secular image of the administration is arresting many innocent Hindus who have nothing to do with the attack on Christians or arson of churches. Hundreds of Hindus have been arrested by now and many of them are no way associated with any disturbance in the area.

Reliable, highly posted eye witnesses say that many Christians have been seen burning their own houses in order to receive fat compensations from the Govt and from other sources. By so doing they can also defame Hindus. In two cases people arrested for burning of churches were found to be Christians and Muslims. (Of course it is not untrue that tribals are extremely angry with the Christians because of the murder of Swamiji and have caused damages to Christians. But it is also true that Christians are taking the advantage of the situation and doing self-damage to fulfill multiple purposes.) The lavish Government arrangements in temporary camps made for the so called homeless Christians have become another attractions for them to burn their own houses. The arrangements in the camps where the Christians are kept have to be seen to be believed.

Every day thousands of letters are received in the Governer's Office and in the office of the Chief Minister, Orissa from Christians all over the world. Every day some ten to twenty people are thronging to the Governor and to the Chief Minister/ other ministers/officers/district administrations and narrating concocted stories about Hindu atrocity on the Christians. They are going to the extent of heckling and threatening the administration of dire consequences if Christians are not heard and Hindus are not punished.

All these actions are creating tremendous psychological pressure on the administration. It is resulting in two ways. The administration, in order to brighten its secular image is refraining from arresting the killers of Swamiji and is satisfying the Christians by increasing the arrest of Hindus no matter if they are involved in any crime or not.

All these informations are authentic and first hand and are not gathered from secondary sources.

I therefore request you to immediately write letters to the Chief Minister and the Governor of Orissa to immediately capture and punish the killers of Swamiji and to refrain from torturing Hindus in the name of secularism.

Please write officially in the pads of your organization. At the same time please write in your individual capacity. We have to neutralize the psychological pressure mounted by the Christians by at least sending equal numbers of letters. We have to see that every day at least one hundred letters are received in the Governor and the Chief Minister of Orissa.

You may also convene emergency meeting of your organization on the matter and pass resolution and send the same to the CM and the Governor of Oissa.

Please persuade other Hindus also to write letters in thousands for the purpose. One person can also write time and again. No body debars us from writing and reminding so long as the work is not done.

Letters by Email are either not read or not kept as record. Therefore writing letters and sending through post is better. Emails may be sent simultaneously with postal letters but never in lieu of the same.

The addresses of the CM and Governor are as the following.

1. Sri Navin Kumar Pattnaik,
Chief Minister (Orissa)
State Secretariat
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Pin: 751001

2. Sri Muralidhara Chandrakanta Bhandare,
Governor (Orissa),
Pin: 751008

Wishing to receive overwhelming response from all dedicated Hindu brothers of the whole world I remain.

Indulata Das
Bhubaneswar, Orissa

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