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Why Maoists so keen on owning up?

Why Maoists so keen on owning up?

Author: ENS
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: October 6, 2008
URL: http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=Why+Maoists+so+keen+on+owning+up?&artid=zrImZwCIbVg

Why are the Maoists so insistent on shouldering responsibility of Swami Lakshamanananda Saraswati's killing? That too after releasing three letters to media during last one month claiming their role in the murder.

Weird as it may sound, but by 'repeating' their claim to a select media group Saturday through an interview by a leader of their State chapter that they were behind the August 23 killing has created more suspicion about their intention.

After the Swami's murder, CPI (Maoist)'s State Organisation Committee issued three releases to lay claim to the incident. Secretary of the committee Sunil made it amply clear that the radicals killed the VHP leader because they were opposed to his practices in the tribal district.

In fact, the Maoists had reportedly left a leaflet at the Tumudibandh ashram - where the incident had occurred - staking claim. The State Government too, in the initial days, toed the line that the murder was the handiwork of the radicals, but never went beyond that.

Surprisingly, the Maoist outfit also kept quiet for quite a while before it formally came out with a release to own up responsibility following it up with two others in quick succession. In all the three, the radicals had made it amply clear why they did it.

''So what's the need for making such a fuss about it now? Are they trying to shield anybody? With saffron outfits blaming it on Christian militants, the latest round of revelation has only managed to strengthen the former's claims that the radicals are taking sides. Are they?'' a senior police officer said.

However, the fact remains that the Orissa Government has shot itself in its feet by not persisting with the Maoist theory after the first few days.

Or, is it a well thought out plan to divert attention from the strife the district is now witnessing since the Centre is breathing down Naveen Patnaik Government's neck and the Maoist leader just a stooge? If yes, who is behind this orchestration? The interview has thrown up a number of such questions.

Moreover, it has also raised serious questions on efficiency of the State Government and its police force. If the Maoist leader, wanted by police after the spate of recent violence in the State, can organise an interview, is it difficult for the police to pin him down? Does it not speak volumes of the intelligence network? Or are they going oft on him deliberately?

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