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A tread to nation, it's time Bangla influx was stopped'

A tread to nation, it's time Bangla influx was stopped'

Author: Samudra Gupta Kashyap
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: September 29, 2008

Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha L KAdvani has said illegal migration from Bangladesh is going on unabated and has emerged as a huge threat to the nation's security. Advani was addressing a 'Vijay Sankalp' rally of the BJP in the Assam capital on Sunday.

He said a large chunk of the Bangladeshis were coming in as part of a larger game plan of the ISI of Pakistan.
"Bangladeshi infiltrators are posing a huge threat to India's security. If media reports are correct, then Saturday's blast in Delhi was also the handiwork of these Bangladeshis," Advani said.

He pointed out that the Saturday's blast in Delhi was different from earlier blasts in the national capital in that it
was for the first time that Bangladeshis infiltrators were involved in it.

He also equated Bangladeshi influx to Assam with the floods of the Brahmaputra, and said the "human flood" from Bangladesh was a bigger threat to the state than the floods of the Brahmaputra. "Bangladeshi influx must be fully stopped. Bangladeshis should be sent back," he asserted.

The NDA's prime ministerial candidate said introduction of multipurpose identity cards was one way to check this influx. "The people of Assam want this influx to end.

For this the NDA has two solutions - one, to issue multipurpose identity cards to all citizens, and two, to prepare a National Register of Citizens where names of citizens with this identity card will figure," he said.

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