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BJP urges EC to delete illegal Muslim Bangladeshis from voters list

BJP urges EC to delete illegal Muslim Bangladeshis from voters list

Author: UNI
Publication: Newkerala.com
Date: January 3, 2011
URL: http://www.newkerala.com/news/world/fullnews-117837.html

Ahead of the Assembly polls in Assam, the BJP today petitioned the Election Commission to identify and remove all the illegal Muslim migrants who had entered the country from Bangladesh after the cut off date to ensure free and fair polling.

A memorandum submitted to the Election Commission by a delegation led by BJP General Secretary Vijay Goel and Assam poll incharge Varun Gandhi along with BJP MPs from the state seeking the deletion of all illegal Bangladeshi names from the voters' list and prepare correct voters' list before the polls scheduled this year and accord citizenship status to displaced Hindu Bengalis from Bangladesh.

The memorandum submitted by Mr Goel said that out of 126 Assembly constituencies in the state 82 per cent had recorded seven per cent growth in voters compared to the national average of 1.67 per cent from 1999 to 2004.

Eighteen Assembly constituencies out of 82 had recorded 10 per cent growth with one constituency -- Dhekiajuli -- registering 22.5 per cent growth per annum. The growth rate before 1971 was a mere 2.73 and after creation of Bangladesh, the numbers had jumped to 4.67 per cent. All Bangladeshi Muslim migrants who could not prove their roots in the state must be identified and deported, he said.

Mr Goel said the situation in Assam was nothing but a 'constitutional breakdown' because Indian territory was being conquered by insidious method of ballots. Illegal migrants, he alleged, were ready to become 'Kings' in the coming elections.

It was the responsibility of the Centre to protect its borders from external aggression and internal disturbance. The Assam Government and the Centre had miserably failed to check illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals due to adoption of soft policy on purly political consideration.

As far as the Hindus fleeing from Bangladesh was concerned, he said it was the moral responsibility of people to accept all Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh as they faced discrimination on religious grounds.

The displaced Hindu Bangladeshis were currently residing in Assam facing a lot of intimidation and harassment from the Government. The BJP demanded that they be given citizenship treating their problem as national issue.

There was also an effort to brand Indian voters in the 'doubtful voters list' merely on the basis of their Hindu surnames -- Chatterjee, Mukherjee and Chakravarty, he said.

Genuine Indians should be allowed to cast their votes.

Mr Goel said the issue will be discussed in detail in the coming National Executive meeting of the BJP and will make it an election issue.

The Election Commission on its part had assured the BJP delegation that they would be sending an official team to visit the state.

Among signatories to the memorandum included Assam MPs Rajan Gohain, former Union Ministers Bijoya Chakravorty and Kabindra Purkayastha and Ramen Deka.

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