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July 4 in Kerala: one of the blackest days in history

July 4 in Kerala: one of the blackest days in history

Author: Mathews V. George
Publication: Jihadwatch.org
Date: July 2, 2011
URL: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/07/july-4-in-kerala-one-of-the-blackest-days-in-history.html

Hello and best wishes to all freedom loving Americans on the occasion of America's Independence Day, July 4th.

While the United States of America remembers and celebrates July 4th as your Independence Day, the freedom lovers in India's Kerala state remember July 4th as one of the blackest day in its history.

On the 4th of July 2010, Dar ul kadal, the Islamic court of India/Kerala, implemented its first act of Islamic sharia law by chopping off the hand of Professor T. J. Joseph, an upright and honest professor who is an exemplary teacher.

The irony is that twenty-six people who are accused in this case are still at large and might be living in luxury in any Islamic safe haven.

Kerala is a state of India that has become a hotbed of Islamic jihad terrorists for quite some time. The tiny state of Kerala has become an exporting hub of Islamic terror across India and the world over. These Islamic terrorist activities have reached such a peak that jihadists even dared to attack the country's armed forces in Kashmir, another hotbed of Islamic terrorism.

Love jihad is another mode of jihad activity, in which thousands of non-Muslim girls are trapped and traded across the globe; this is actively financed by Islamic fundamentalists. News of these activities has been published in the mainstream media and in India is a matter of serious debate.

The most unfortunate aspect of all this is that Kerala is ruled by Indian Union Muslim League, the strongest Islamic terrorist organization, which won 20 seats in the most recently concluded provincial assembly election in Kerala. This Islamic terrorist organization was involved in the maaraad massacre, in which eight Hindus were hacked to death while they were sleeping in the wee hours of the night.

The details of this gruesome incident are as follows. On 2nd May 2003, a group of armed Islamic jihad terrorists ambushed poor Hindu fishermen on a beach at Kozhikode, Maaradu, These fishermen were presumably of the caste that is weakest in the economic strata of the Indian/Kerala society. Islamic terrorist organizations have been active in persecuting this minority, poor Hindu fishermen, from time immemorial.

But nobody is bothered about these poor souls' rights. Everyone was worried that the Islamic jihad terrorists might not be able to come back and occupy their houses among the Hindus. Yes, these were people who had known about the coming massacre and had strategically left the area en masse quietly a day before, and in whose mosques blood-stained swords and other weapons were found. The irony is that the women's wing of the Islamic jihad group had formed a cordon around the mosques to prevent police from going in. The women's wing females were active collaborators in this jihad act.

Indian Union Muslim League workers were actively involved in this terrorist act, and some of them were even punished. Another incident of the same nature took place a couple of months before, in which two Hindu fishermen died in the attack by Islamic jihad terrorists. The date of that incident was 3rd Jan 2002.

And in a recent incident, there was a bomb explosion in which five cadres of the Indian Union Muslim League died while dispatching the deadly bombs to different places in India/Kerala.

It is assumed that their real intention was to place these bombs in airports and other places where people gather in large groups, so as to kill thousands of innocent civilians in India/ Kerala and spread mayhem and terror in the hearts of millions. If the plans of this jihad had succeeded, the country would have been a huge graveyard.

My intention in writing this article is to make all freedom-loving Americans aware of how a minority community of Islamic jihad terrorists can turn the beacon of freedom of speech and expression into a country of chaos and civil war. America is the light and strength of the free world, similar to India, and every freedom lover prays that it will remain so in all its glory.

- Mathews V. George is a human rights activist who writes from India.

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