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ISI-Sponsored "KASHMIR CENTRE" In Brussels Exposed

ISI-Sponsored "KASHMIR CENTRE" In Brussels Exposed

Publication: Intellibriefs.blogspot.com
Date: October 5, 2011
URL: http://intellibriefs.blogspot.com/2011/10/isi-sponsored-kashmir-centre-in.html

Pakistan's propaganda on Kashmir was exposed with the arrest of 62-year-old Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A U.S. citizen, Dr. Fai served as the director of the Kashmiri American Council, an NGO in Washington DC. Also known as the "Kashmir Centre"; it received 4 million USD from Pakistan's infamous spy agency, the ISI, to push Pakistan's agenda on Kashmir.

Dr. Fai was also a director of a UK-based Kashmir Centre, promoting Pakistani interests on Kashmir in Europe.

The Kashmir Centres in Washington and London may be non-operational after the arrest of Dr. Fai, but work continues as usual at the Kashmir Centre in Belgium's capital, Brussels.
It may now come under the scanner with a letter having been sent to the Belgium Prime Minister by Europe India Chamber of Commerce, an organization headed by Member of European Parliament Geoffrey van Orden, asking for a probe into its funding as it is feared that Brussels is slowly becoming an important canter for lobbying and fund-raising for anti-European activities, organized by ISI.

"They are running Kashmir Centre with the funding by the ISI (Inter services Intelligence). However, they always claim that Pakistani businessmen in Brussels give donations to them. The Centre has understanding with these local Pakistani shopkeepers who support them and claim of funding their activities. But, in reality they don't give any funds, and the entire money comes from the ISI. They have an office with 5-6 caretakers. Barrister Majid, who is heading Kashmir Centre in Belgium, does not belong to any political party. How come he takes care of all his office expenses? They are all servants and work for money. " ABDUL HAMID KHAN Chairman, Balawaristan National Front

The Kashmir Centre.EU in Brussels was established on October 8, 2003 on the upscale Rue Belliard Street. http://www.kashmircentre.org/KCEU/About_Us.html

The Centre, which the FBI named along with the London-based Justice Foundation as being run by elements within the Pakistani government, needs to be thoroughly investigated.

The Pakistan government is allegedly funneling millions of Euros through the Kashmir Centre and huge money has moved through a network of "straw donors" threatening "the peace and security of Belgium and Europe".

"Whenever there is a conference of UNHRC in Geneva, the Kashmir Centre arranges 5-6 buses from Italy, Belgium and UK to gather people. Do they have funds for that? The Belgium government might be aware of their activities, but the ISI has been playing an intelligent game by saying the source of funds are local businessmen. They have been doing propaganda on Kashmir, but showing the world that they are working for the cause of Kashmir. They continue funding terrorists and also support terrorism. There is no secret about it." ABDUL HAMID KHAN Chairman, Balawaristan National Front, based in Brussels

Europe is under a serious terror threat.And, Brussels being the headquarters of NATO is on the target of Islamic fundamentalist, especially from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

" Everyone will be agree that there are some elements from secret services agencies or even from the military are working with radicals in Pakistan. It has been shown in details. The Americans have proved it very recently (killing of Bin Laden). I think everyone knows the whole problem of Pakistan. The question is how to handle the situation." said TANGUY STRUYE DE SWIELANDE, Professor at UCL-FUCAM, Belgium

The Kashmir Centre exits in the shadowy world of international espionage not only for networking with European Parliamentarians, organizing seminars and conferences on Kashmir but its links with the ISI and Islamic radicals

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