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Muslim reservations: Death Warrant for Bharat! - Unite Hindus!

Author: Dr Pravin Togadia
Publication: Organiser
Date: January 22, 2012

In 1947, Bharat became independent from the British but broken and looted. The same ordeal is hovering over Bharat now with Muslim Reservations. After 1947, 3 Crore Muslims stayed back in Bharat who rejecting family planning and common civil core increased their population to 15 crore now. Using population explosion, they created their own formidable vote bank making all political leaders to crawl in front of them. Here began the dirtiest conspiracy to snatch education, employment, bank loans and livelihood of all backward castes – SC, OBC, ST and from open merit. Using Hindu tax payers’ money, government subsidised Muslim vote bank and now they are demanding reserved constituencies thereby preventing Hindus from having any say in many pockets in Bharat.

Current basis of 4.5 per cent from OBC’s 27 per cent for Muslims (and Law Minister’s election announcement of further 9 per cent): Biased and ill-informed reports of Rangnath Mishra Commission and Sachhar Committee. Mishra has given following recommendations:

A) Education: Only for Muslims and Christians:

1. All educational Institutions to give 15 per cent reservations

2.  Scholarships for pre-Matric, Matric, Post Matric and private tuitions

3.  Residential Hostels

4. Polytechnic, High Schools, vocational training centers at various places

B) Business and Inclusions:

1. All Muslims and Christians be treated as backward OBC, SC and ST whose  Businesses are same as the Hindus from these categories. With this, almost  all Muslims and Christians will get included in OBC, SC, ST quota.

2. Those Muslims & Christians staying in tribal areas before 1947 should be treated as Tribals & should be given all reservations meant for Scheduled Tribes.

C) Constitution

1. Constitution be amended to remove words ‘Socially and Educationally Backward’ for reservations and mention only word ‘Backward’ and all Muslims be treated as Backward. So far benefit of being socially and educationally backward was available only to SC, ST and OBC; now all Muslims will snatch it.

D) Majhab

1. Based on Majhab, 15 per cent reservations be given to all Muslims and Christians snatching 6 per cent from OBC and 9 per cent from Open Merit.

Based on these, government promptly started the ‘loot poor Hindus’ game and showered millions of rupees on Muslims:

1. With the order dated 22 December, 2011, Government reduced OBC reservations to 22.5 per cent from the earlier 27 per cent and gave 4.5 per cent to Muslims. In 22.5 per cent Muslims already are included + extra exclusive 4.5 per cent to Muslims.

2. Education: Already started only for Muslims

* 90 Kasturba Vidyalayas

* Muslim-populated 374 districts have now exclusive colleges

* 36 such districts have Polytechnic colleges

* Muslim girls hostels at 249 places

* 35 Vocational Training Centres Scholarship given to 72, 00,900 Muslim students and for additional 31,145 Muslim students scholarship, government gave Rs 700 Crore to Maulana Azad Foundation

* Muslim students get education loan at 3 per cent whereas Hindu students have to shell out minimum 13 per cent

3. Financial Aid

* Muslim populated areas are given 2498 new special branches of banks.

* Per RBI circular of July 25, 2007 only in one year all banks were forced to give loans to Muslims to the tune of
Rupees 1 lakh 43 thousand 396 crore and 70 lakh! 5,87,088 Muslim women are given Rs 3,984 crore

* If any Hindu wants bank loan he gets only 60 per cent and has to shell out 40 per cent himself and pays 13 per cent interest; Muslim gets 85 per cent loan, pays only 15 per cent that too given by Minority Finance Development Corporation and pays only 6 per cent interest!

All this, when government is reeling under severe deficit and debt of over $1 lakh 50 Thousand billion, government begging for extra 5 lakh crore rupees loan from open markets at 18per cent interest, when 42 per cent of kids in Bharat are malnourished! Such showering of Hindu tax payers’ money and benefits on Muslims for vote bank politics is leading Bharat fast to the 2nd partition!

With such reservation policies, already poor Hindu SC., OBC, ST and even from Open Merit will get poorer, unemployed and frustrated. No Hindu will be able to compete with any Muslim or Christian in academics, business or jobs. With such low interest loans to Muslims, no Hindu will survive in business. Their Hasan Ali alone owes Rs 50,000 crore to Income Tax and they are poor backward? And some of them if poor, are Not because of Hindus; but because of their own choice of unlimited kids! Why burden Hindu Tax payer?

Their demand of separate reserved constituency is the last straw on camel’s back. This will block out Hindus from many areas of Bharat. Despite this death warrant on Bharat and Hindus, government plans to oppress Hindus with Communal Violence Bill which will not allow any Hindu to even speak.

To save Bharat, all castes, communities and regions need to come together fast and start ‘Hindu Roti and Shiksha Bachaao’ agitation. Leaders SC, OBC and ST and Open Merit should make their communities aware of this dirty conspiracy by the Government to snatch the rightful education, employment, business and bank loans of all Hindus and give to Muslims and Christians for votes. All Hindus must vote together as one against this.

Hindu Demands from Government:

1. Government should Reject Rangnath Mishra and Sachhar reports completely and apologise to Bharat for misusing Government machinery for creating false, ill-informed and biased reports with the intention to appease Muslims and hurt Hindus. .

2. Withdraw 4.5 per cent reservation given to Muslims from OBC’s 27 per cent; promise that Muslims will not be included in OBC and Muslims already included will be immediately excluded.

3. Government should not give Scheduled Caste reservations to Christians or Muslims.

4. Christians included in Scheduled Tribes must be immediately de-listed.

5. Government must promise not to amend the Constitution to give religion-based reservation to Muslims and Christians.

The only immediate way to stop this reservation Jehad by the Government against all castes of Hindus is that all students, youth, ladies, caste-community leaders come together, start an awareness campaign, sms, email, make groups on Face Book and other social sites, do flash mobs and street plays opposing snatching of Hindu Roti and education. Put democratic pressure on all political parties to reject Muslim reservations fully. All Hindus must unite for this democratic and peaceful fight for last effort of survival to avoid perishing as Hindus and as Bharat.

(The writer can be contacted at drtogadia@gmail.com , hindurotishiksha@gmail.com)
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