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A Pakistani mela in Delhi

Author: Tarun Vijay
Publication: The Times of India
Date: April 8, 2012
URL: http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/indus-calling/entry/a-pakistani-mela-in-delhi

The media hype built around the Zardari visit was simply uncalled for and shows how trivia dominate TV channels. There was nothing private in this heavily loaded political visit. A 40-member delegation, with the chairman of a political party, who also happens to be the president's son, an invitation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and the usual bonhomie that accompanies whenever a Pakistan delegation is here. Peace, peace and peace, then again peace. And the media would have us believe it’s a milestone gain.

Inviting Zardari, talking nicely and making arrangements for his Ajmer visit was a good gesture. We must do that. It's an old time-honoured tradition, a reminder of Vajpayee-era diplomacy too. But this time there was hardly anything beyond a photo op. At best, it was a good Sunday lunch with two family-based parties meeting each other and praying at Dargah, a clear Hindu influence on Islam, a practice that is not found anywhere else on this planet. Zardari and his team came to find solace in India and that’s fine. He is neither in control of the nation he represents nor can he promise anything. An India visit has always helped Pakistanis more than it ever translated into a substantive gain for us.

When Zardari goes back home, he would have achieved more in image makeover. Stuck in the whirlpool of controversies and memo gates, this was a much-needed diversion for him.

At the same time, the media hype of Zardari and a misplaced expectation for peace through this visit helped extremist elements who would have heaved a sigh of relief that India has once again dithered on its focus on terrorism, and has gone onto the blind alley of blank embraces of nothingness.

The Americans helped us to put Pakistan in the question box over Hafiz Saeed by announcing a reward on him. We should have grabbed this opportunity to tell the world how Pakistan is not cooperating with us on the terror front and is openly shielding the most dreaded and wanted terrorists. There is a long list of those terrorists wanted by us and if we believe the home ministry, impeccable proofs have been given to Islamabad about their involvement in terror activities against us. India’s wanted list includes underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, 26/11 mastermind and LeT founder Hafiz Saeed and dreaded terrorist Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi. But Zardari’s Pakistan government, has always denied that terrorists and criminals that India wants are hiding there.

Following is the list of India’s  most wanted criminals–

 1. Hafiz Mohammed Saeed
 2. Sajjid Majid
 3. Syed Hashim Abdur Rehman Pasha
 4. Major Iqbal
 5. Illyas Kashmiri
 6. Rashid Abdullah
 7. Major Sameer Ali
 8. Dawood Ibrahim
 9. Memon Ibrahim
 10. Chota Shakeel
 11. Memon Abdul Razak
 12. Anis Ibrahim
 13. Anwar Ahmed Haji Jamal
 14. Mohammed Dosa
 15. Javed Chikna
 16. Salim Abdul Ghazi
 17. Riyaz Khatri
 18. Munaf Halari
 19. Mohammed Salim Mujhahid
 20. Khan Bashir Ahmed
 21. Yakub Yeda Khan
 22. Mohammed Memon
 23. Irfan Chaugule
 24. Feroz Rashid Khan
 25. Ali Moosa
 26. Sagir Ali Shaikh
 27. Aftab Batki
 28. Maulana Mohammed Masood Azhar
 29. Salauddin
 30. Azam Cheema
 31. Syed Zabiuddin Jabi
 32. Ibrahim Athar
 33. Azhar Yusuf
 34. Zahur Ibrahim Mistri
 35. Akhtar Sayeed
 36. Mohammed Shakir
 37. Rauf Abdul
 38. Amanullah Khan
 39. Sufiyan Mufti
 40. Nachan Akmal
 41. Pathan Yaqoob Khan
 42. CAM Bashir
 43. Lakhbir Singh Rode
 44. Paramjit Singh Pamma
 45. Ranjit Singh
 46. Wadhawa Singh
 47. Abu Hamza
 48. Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi
 49. Amir Raza Khan

Was this not the right occasion to raise all these issue ?

We are a nation bruised and brutalized by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. But we behave as if by mistake some people raise the issue of terror with Pakistan.

The dialogues and steps to improve bilateral relations must be welcomed, but with a clear agenda and not like we did at Sharm el Shaikh, a visiting head of the state from a neighboring country should be given all the due respect and honours, but at the same time should we forget to honour the sentiments and  feelings of our own citizens?

No one, yes no one, raised the issue of releasing Sarabjit Singh, the media and the political leaders were understandably hesitant to politely ask Mr President to listen to the cries of Sindh’s brave Hindu girl Rinkel Kumari, who was kidnapped, converted to Islam and forced to marry a Muslim. Her father, somehow fled to Islamabad, appealed in the Supreme Court where she was produced and there she declared that she would rather die, than to accept Islam. She said there is no justice available to Hindus in Pakistan. Indian human rights wallahs, who spoke for Pakistan’s Mukhtaran bi, Sri Lankan Tamils and openly campaigned to have the Hindu Rashtra status of Nepal removed, kept a studied silence on Rinkel‘s heart-wrenching cries for help.

The media played up something, which lacked in substance. Like a Sunday carnival, a mela, which did injustice to the serious issues between India and Pakistan.
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