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Hitler-like Modi treated Joshi badly

Publication: The Indian Express
Date: June 11, 2012.
URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/videos/national/6/hitlerlike-modi-treated-joshi-badly/10280

Leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Jayant Patel came out in support of the controversial ex BJP leader Sanjay Joshi saying that Joshi had been treated badly by an almost Hitler-like Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Further he added that the posters put up in support of Joshi by the NCP were done just to make the people aware of the discrimination towards Joshi, and to expose the authoritarian rule of Modi.

Note from the Hindu Vivek Kendra:
The above blurb is supposed to be an introduction to the brief (90 seconds) video at the site.  In the video, the NCP leader said that he wanted to expose the injustice done to Sanjay Joshi by the chief minister.

The media had lapped up the supposed poster war, and projected it as something that is an intra-BJP affair.  Now that the NCP has accepted the ownership of the posters, it would be interesting to see how they react.  Given the past record, they will pretend that they did nothing untoward in the whole affair.

In the video, the NCP leader is saying that he undertook the whole exercise because he felt that there was an injustice done to Joshi.

The media and some politicians are keen to provide good entertainment to the people of India!
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