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Sword that helped kings’ to rule is in Pakistan

Author: Rasheed Khalid
Publication: The News
Date: June 22, 2012
URL: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-6-115925-Sword-that-helped-kings-to-rule-is-in-Pakistan

German scholar Professor Hugh van Skyhawk has said that the subcontinent under Hindu kings was not ruled via power divinely invested in a royal crown nor in a sceptre but in a sword, then the most powerful sword and symbol of power anywhere in the world, which is now held by a Pakistani young man.

Professor Skyhawk was speaking on presentation of the sword, a historically unique artefact, during Memorial Seminar of the world’s fame archaeologist Professor Ahmad Hasan Dani held at the School of Politics and International Relations at the Quaid-i-Azam University.

Professor Skyhawk said that the very sword that might have been held by the last of the Hindu kings when he came to his death had been found, identified, ascertained, weighed.

He said that what remains for us of it today is the sword’s entire hilt in almost pristine condition with only its blade missing which experts agree must have broken during its last royal battle that surely hung its owner to his fate.

The sword hilt is made of pure dazzling gold and forged iron and experts say that the intellectual and emotional preparation and artistic skills and craftsmanship required to produce even a single such symbolically religious, political, mythological, visual, and working masterpiece is simply formidable, and parallel those required in the building of other masterpieces like the Taj Mahal or the Sistine Chapel.

Professor Michael Witzel of Harvard University had also began work on the same project but after the death of Dr Dani, the work was then offered to Professor Skyhawk who has now completed it, in collaboration with Professor Witzel at Harvard and Professor Butrus in Germany.

These experts say that the Hindu religious and mythological symbols depicted on this sword’s hilt are in a harmony and hierarchy never seen before, and a clear inclusion of almost all of their belief structures is felt from its collective symbolic message. It also carries in it two very clear literal messages within the petals of the lotus flowers that make the base of it, the texts are incantations from the scriptures.

The lotus is made of two discs; one decrees a right and thus power to its holder and thus owner, and the second to all others that might vie for it.

This magical sword promises invincibility only to the King of Kings and instant death to anyone else that might happen to even touch it. To any and all that believed and believed in Hinduism, especially Vishnuism, which is the clear stance of the originating Emperor of this sword-this is, as Professor Skyhawk puts it: “The actual ten commandments! Or, the Holy Grail itself! Depending on which religion you believe in and practice!” For Hindus, is it this sword? The question now arises, “Who does this artefact belong to?” To Hindus or Hinduism? Or, to the current King of Kings wherever he in his absentia? To India or to Pakistan? Or to the descendent of the man that most probably personally took it from its previous and then rightful owner? Now herein lies the rub, while the owner of the symbolic expression of one of the finest mind’s in the world in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks/codex is Bill Gates, often credited by The Guinness Book as the richest man in the world, the owner of this symbolic expression of power is Mamoon Tariq Khan, also credited by The Guinness Book of World Records in 1994 as the man with finest brain in the world.
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