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Majority of Hindus understand Muslims' plight: Farooq Abdullah

Author: PTI
Publication: The Hindu
Date: July 9, 2012
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Majority-of-Hindus-understand-Muslims-plight-Farooq-Abdullah/articleshow/14781268.cms

Majority of Hindus in the country understand the plight of Muslims who are being targeted by security forces on terror charges but the minorities must take part in the legal process to ensure timely delivery of justice, Union minister Farooq Abdullah said here on Monday.

 Addressing a gathering on the issue of 'Politics of Terror: Targeting Muslim Youth', Abdullah asked the Muslim community to maintain their faith in Indian legal system which he said has never discriminated against them on grounds of religion.

 "We all are Indian Muslims and not Chinese, Japanese or Pakistani Muslims. Majority of Hindus understand our plight and our country has always treated us equally, barring a few instances which are being addressed," Abdullah said.

 Pointing out that several Muslim youth have not been given justice and are languishing in jails for years after being picked by police on terror charges, he said "we need to bring out this injustice done to us as it takes ages to get justice here."

 During his address, Abdullah was hooted several times by the gathering for giving "sermons" and "not suggesting any solution" to the problem.

 He also said terror attacks such as that on the World Trade Tower in New York, London and Mumbai have created a bad impression about the Muslim community the world over.

"Whenever I go to the US, as soon as I speak my name I am frisked there. Our former President was also frisked and this happens with most of the Muslims but we have to be patient and make every one understand," Abdullah said.
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