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Ajmal Kasab smartest operative: Abu Jundal

Author: S Ahmed Ali & TNN
Publication: The Times of India
Date: July 28, 2012
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Ajmal-Kasab-smartest-operative-Abu-Jundal/articleshow/15217315.cms

Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal has described Ajmal Kasab, the lone Pakistani terrorist caught alive following 26/11, as "clever, intelligent and a smart operative" among the group of 10 sent by the Laskhar-e-Toiba (LeT) for the attack.

 Jundal has told the police he learned about Kasab's "smartness" during an arms-training session, particularly the Hindi class, at Muridke in Pakistan. "Except for a few top bosses like Hafeez Saeed and LeT chief commander Zaki-ur-Rahman, nobody knew I was Indian. But Kasab identified me while I taught him Hindi. In fact, he once directly asked me if I was from Mumbai city, and I told him yes,'' Jundal told the police.

 Jundal said Kasab was excited about Mumbai due to its Bollywood connection, and he was fond of Hindi movies. Kasab, during preliminary interrogation, had told police that after the Daura-e-Aam (21-day basic combat course) and Daura-e-Khaas (3-month advanced combat course) were over, they were kept in a room, where he had seen many Hindi movies.

 The police said that Kasab may have identified Jundal due to his Marathi accent. Following interrogation, Jundal said he not only taught the 10 terror-ists Hindi but also a little Marathi, so that it would not raise suspicion when they landed in Mumbai.

Kasab's group landed at Budhwar Park in Colaba, where two fishermen had seen them. Ismail Dara Khan had, in fact, spoken Marathi with the two on the night of 26/11, saying, "Amhi students aaho (We are students)", and the youths even argued with Ismail. Jundal said that Kasab, who was among the youngest of the group, was smart to survive the fidayeen attack.

 Jundal said after he completed his BSc, he met an LeT operative (name withheld), who converted him to Ahl al-Hadith, a sect which follows stricter ways of Islam. He first met the man at Hotel Tawa in Aurangabad.

 The Mumbai police are yet to collect Jundal's voice samples to match with taped conversations with the control room, which was monitoring the attack.

 Jundal, who hails from Gevrai taluka in Beed district was deported from Saudi Arabia and was arrested by the Delhi special cell last month. A key accused in the 26/11 and Aurangabad arms haul cases, he was among the six handlers, including Abu Kahafa, Zaki-Ur-Rahman Lakhvi, Abu Wassi, Zarar Shah and a major general, who monitored the Mumbai attacks. Jundal had made fake coll-ege identity cards for the 10 terrorists before sending them to Mumbai.

Jundal trying to downplay his role: Cops

Crime branch sources said Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal too is clever, and he has started defending himself now. "He says that he did not give them arms training, but only taught them Hindi and Marathi. He also said he was not party to the team that went to see off the 10 terrorists sailing from Karachi to India in the Pakistani boat Al-Hussaini on November 23, 2008. He knows the consequences of 26/11, and he is thus trying to play down his role,'' said an officer. Kasab and other investigators have repeatedly pointed out that Abu Kahafa, Muzzammil, Jundal, Sajid Majeed and Abu Qama, led by Zaki-Ur-Rahman, had seen off the 10. The police said they are confused why Jundal was selected even though there were some other Indians at the LeT camp.
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