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Sacred Vaishnavite lamp puts Jorhat on world map

Author: ANI        
Publication: Newstrackindia.com
Date: August 22, 2012
URL: http://www.newstrackindia.com/newsdetails/2012/08/22/350-Sacred-Vaishnavite-lamp-puts-Jorhat-on-world-map.html

A sacred lamp in a Vaishnavite monastery has put Assam's Jorhat town on the world map.

The lamp has been burning continuously for the past 484 years, and has been officially recognised by the Asia Book of Records.

A Hindu scholar, Madhabdeva, the chief disciple of Assamese saint and socio-religious reformer Srimanta Sankardeva, lit the lamp first in 1528 at the Dhekiakhuwa Namghar Temple.

A temple official told reporters that the authorities are hoping to approach the Guinness World Records to register the record.

"Saint Madhadev lit this lamp, and, it has been burning since 1528. It has been 484 years now, and it has come in the Asian Book of Records, and, we are now trying to take it to the world record. Not only people of Dhekiakhuwa, but also the entire state of Assam, is proud that this has made it to the Asia Book of Records," Bipin Saikia, Advisor to the Managing Committee of the Dhekiakhuwa Namghar, Temple said.

A temple priest explained the objective behind keeping the ancient lamp lit for hundreds of years.

"Light is burning only for religious persons, for the peace of the world and Assam," said the chief priest.

Temple priests along with the locals have shown their devotion by keeping the lamp lit for well over four centuries now, leading to massive popularity amongst devotees.

A devotee who travelled all the way from Assam's Karbi Anglong District, shared his experience after visiting the temple.

"I am so happy to come here, all my will to worship Lord Vishnu has been fulfilled, and I am so excited to come here, as lots of people from different places come here to worship at this great place of Dhekiakhuwa Namghar," said P.K. Das, a devotee.

Officials from the Asia Book of Records had on Sunday handed over the formal certificate of recognition to former Union Minister and lawmaker from Jorhat, Bijoy Krishna Handique.

Dhekiakhuwa Namghar is already the district's major tourist hot spot and with the lamp making into the record book the temple's popularity is set to soar attracting both devotees and tourist alike.
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