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In jail, Guru rooted for jihad

Author: Times News Network
Publication: The Times of India
Date: February 18, 2013

While talking to jail officials, Afzal Guru may have painted a picture of himself as a man far removed from fundamentalismbut in his conversations with Indian Mujahideen (IM) accused, he rooted for jihad and fidayeen attacks across the country.
According to reports, Guru had told Tihar jail officials that he was not in favour of Kashmir’s secession from India and wanted to rid the country of corruption. However, interrogation of an IM accused in Tihar has revealed that with him, Guru argued the opposite.
IM operative Farooq alias Aftab Alam, who was recently arrested by the NIA in connection with the 13/7 Mumbai blasts, revealed during interrogation that Guru sympathized with the cause of IM and lamented that Kashmir did not have enough “courageous” men to earn it “azaadi”.
He argued that even if the Valley could produce 200 fidayeen who could fan across India and execute attacks, India would be forced to grant independence to Kashmir.
The utterances would come as a surprise to those who knew Guru in his young days. Guru was known to be a man of softer virtues who in his youth loved ghazals and recited Ghalib’s poetry. The revelation was made when Farooq asserted the importance of jihad during interrogation and digressed to talking about Guru and how he too supported the cause.
“One does not know whether Guru had kept in touch with other IM accused in Tihar but Farooq claims to have met him several times,” an official said.
During interrogation, Farooq, who was first arrested by Delhi police in December 2011 from Bihar, said it was his duty to perform jihad and if he didn’t, he would be condemned to hell. He said if he ever came out, he would continue to explode bombs. He happened to mention Guru who he said supported the IM cause and expressed sadness at the fact that Kashmiris were not determined enough to get independence.


Don’t mourn me, Afzal wrote to wife

Srinagar: The family of Afzal Guru on Sunday released the letter he wrote to his wife, Tabbasum, two hours before his execution on February 9. In the letter, written in Urdu, Afzal asked his wife and family not mourn his hanging, according to his cousin Yousuf Guru. “He has prayed for the nation that it should [stay] steadfast and side [with] the truth,” Yousuf said. —M Saleem Pandit
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