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Don't expect BJP to be cheerleaders of UPA government, Rajnath tells Manmohan

Author: Express News Service
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: September 4, 2013
URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/dont-expect-bjp-to-be-cheerleaders-of-upa-government-rajnath-tells-manmohan/1164271/0

Hitting out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for blaming the BJP for the economic crisis being faced by the country, party chief Rajnath Singh Tuesday asked whether the PM wanted the BJP to play the role of a "cheerleader" in Parliament at a time when the Congress-led UPA regime was being rocked by one scam after another.

"The general norm is that the principal Opposition party acts as a watchdog on those in power. The BJP is the principal Opposition party and has been fulfilling its responsibility of a watchdog. There are multiple scams that have been unearthed in the Congress rule. Does the Prime Minister want the BJP to be a cheerleader in Parliament?" Singh said after inaugurating the state BJP executive committee meeting here on Tuesday.

He said though the PM was holding the BJP responsible for the economic crisis in the country, the Opposition never stalled any of the financial bills of the government.

"The economic crisis in the country is worst ever and the UPA government is depressed and feeling helpless to handle the situation," said the BJP chief, adding that there was no vision or conviction with the Congress-led government.

He said the BJP also did not agree with the Congress that the global economic trend was to blame for the downfall of national economy. "It was more because of wrong economic policies, planning and intention of the government, along with the rise in corruption," said Singh.

Singh said the government was very weak on the security issue as there was a rise in extremism and no action plan to check Naxalism. "There has been infiltration from Pakistan and Indian soldiers were killed. My accusation is that there is no national pride left in the Congress government as it is not strongly protesting the activities of Pakistan," he said.

The BJP president said India should play an important role on the international front and the government should not remain silent on the US plans for a military attack on Syria. "The BJP believes that the United Nations (UN) should play an effective role in Syria," he said.

Asked about the announcement of BJP's prime ministerial candidate, Singh said it would be made at an appropriate time. He indicated that the Assembly elections in Maharashtra would be fought by the party under the leadership of Gopinath Munde.

When asked about the sting operation conducted by a journalist that claimed BJP MP Prakash Javadekar was planning to derail the trial in the 2001 Tulsi Prajapati encounter case, BJP president Rajnath Singh said he was travelling and was unable to get the details about the issue. "I have read it in a newspaper. I am yet to get all the information about it and will comment on it only after getting details about it," he said.
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