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Sreesanth criticizes Modi in an attempt to get life ban revoked

Author: Sandeep Kadian
Publication: Fakingnews.firstpost.com
Date: September 14, 2013
URL: http://www.fakingnews.firstpost.com/2013/09/sreesanth-criticizes-modi-in-an-attempt-to-get-life-ban-revoked/?utm_source=hp-firstpost

Former fast bowler and one of the leading dancers of India, S. Sreesanth has criticized Narendra Modi’s anointment as BJP’s PM candidate in very strong words in an attempt to enter the good books of the ruling coalition, UPA.

It should be noted that on the day Modi was announced as PM’s candidate by BJP, Sreesanth was banned from Cricket for life by BCCI for his involvement in the spot-fixing scandal that rocked the Indian Premier League earlier this year.

Addressing the media earlier today, Sreesanth said, “A leader as divisive and polarizing as Modi should never be allowed to lead India. This is a great threat to democracy and BJP should not project him as their PM candidate.”

When this Faking News reporter told him that media had gathered to hear his reaction on his lifetime ban and not to discuss Modi, Sreesanth said, “Is my career more important than the future of this country? First and foremost, we must protect the country from communal forces, my cricketing career comes second.”

Other reporters present at the press conference agreed with Sreesanth and asked this FN reporter to keep quiet as a news report on Narendra Modi was always a better deal.

As per sources, Sreesanth has privately revealed that he will go on an attack on Modi till the Lok Sabha elections to get in the good books of the government and possibly, get his ban revoked. He is expecting BCCI’s Rajiv Shukla, who is also a Congress leader, to take notice of his efforts and get his ban reversed.

A close friend of Sreesanth on the condition of anonymity told us, “Even if the ban is not revoked, at least he will secure a Lok Sabha ticket and who knows, Sports ministry in future. He has to make plans for his future now.”

“Singing and dancing is not that profitable,” the friend clarified that Sree had explored other options too.

“Generally, BCCI imposes a lifetime ban and reverses it a few years later but Sreesanth doesn’t want to rely on them alone. He is doing whatever is in his powers to get his career back on track,” Sreesanth’s friend revealed.

Sreesanth is not the only one trying to curry favors with the UPA, fellow banned cricketer Ankeet Chavan was spotted making a Twitter account with the handle @RahulGandhi4Evaaaaaa

But Sreesanth’s latest strategy has drawn the ire of several Modi supporters on Twitter. One particular account was going on and on abusing him and even threatened to slap him in public.

While social media experts say that the incident shows the violent side of Modi supporters, Faking News has heard from sources that the account belongs to a certain Harbhajan Singh.
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