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Jaipur child trafficking case TSLD flays 'agents' for trying to protect Jacob John

Publication: The Sangai Express
Date: August 7, 2013
URL: http://e-pao.net/GP.asp?src=7..080813.aug13

Pandemonium on the Jaipur child trafficking case is yet to die down even after five months of the incident.

The NGOs that are responsible for exposing and rescuing the 53 children from Jaipur's two children homes run by one Pastor Jacob John, and the parents of the rescued children continue with their mud slinging exercise.

 Children from Manipur, Nagaland and elsewhere were rescued from the children homes in Jaipur on March 12. On Wednesday, the Tangkhul Shanao Long, Delhi (Tangkhul Women Union-Delhi) lambasted the child trafficking agents for allegedly trying to protect disgraced Pastor John Jacob.

 "As the bail of Jacob John has been rejected, there has been a deliberate attempt by one or two trafficking agents who are working hand in glove with the criminal Jacob John to tarnish the image of nonprofit civil organizations which are fighting for justice for these innocent children.

These so called biological parents are bought by Jacob John who has amassed a fortune through this evil business for the past many years," the TSLD said.

 According to the Delhi based Tangkhul women organisation, allegations have been made by the parents and guardians of the rescued children saying, "Without the consent of the children and consulting their parents, the rescued children were subjected to forced medical tests at Ukhrul District Hospital on April 25, and April 30 this year thereby violating the privacy and rights of the children." The TSLD dismissed this statement as 'outrageously baseless and fabricated'.

 "Of the 12 children, one of them refused and no medical test was imposed upon her and some of the children were already suffering from Leucorrhoea (a whitish or yellowish discharge) prior to medical examination.

The District Hospital, Ukhrul has compassed its duty and is providing treatment for the rescued children and it is a sinister attempt to stain the intent of the hospital by distorted and empty-headed statement that the rupture of the rescued children's hymen were caused by the doctors during the medical examination is to deflect the focus on Jacob John, who himself has admitted to all the charges levied against him," the Tangkhul women organisation stated.

The TSLD then appeals to the media to authenticate their information and reports "as these false allegations are not only a mockery of the general public, rescuers, Manipur government, Rajasthan government and other organizations involved in it but utter oblivion to the ordeal of the rescued children".
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