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Hindu Munnani strongly condemns the acts of district administration

Publication: Rsschennai.blogspot.in
Date: October 9, 2013
URL: http://rsschennai.blogspot.in/2013/10/hindu-munnani-strongly-condemns-acts-of.html

Hindu Munnani under the leadership of Sri Rama Gopalan Ji called for a protest demo against the Ramanathapuram district administration’s anti-Hindu activities.  The protest demo has been banned by the Government. Sri Rama Gopalan, Sri Kuppuramu Ji were arrested along with Hindu Munnani volunteers.

Ramanthapuram: Hindu Munnani Founder Secretary Shri Ramagopalanji’s letter to the Press                                                                                                       
The Anti-Hindu Ways of the Ramanathapuram District Administration Machinery and the Growth of Islamic Jihadic Terrorism

1. The Jihadic Terrorists who killed Salem Auditor Sri Ramesh and Sri Vellaiappan of Hindu Munnani were captured by the police after gun battle. Hindu Munnani appreciates the daring efforts of the Tamilnadu Police and congratulates them.

2. Police officer Sri Lakshmanan has been severely injured in this operation and is recuperating. HM prays for his speedy recovery and wishes him to join back for duty at the earliest.

3. The AIADMK government when it captured the Islamic terrorists Police Fakruddin, Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik all Islamic organisations have condemned the activities of the government. Inspite of the Islamic organisations raising their voices against the government why is it that the AIADMK secretary of the Minority Wing Sri Anwar Raja from Ramanathapuram not condemned the Islamic Organisations.

4. When the district secretary of Ramanathapuram BJP Murugan was killed, even though it was well known that Islamic terrorists killed him, the government machinery out of fear stopped with saying that it was due to enmity in real estate. Now with the arrest of the 3 terrorists who have acknowledged their role in the killing of Murugan, it has become clear of the cover up that the police in Ramanathapuram has done. Hindu Munnani strongly condemns the attitude of the local police and urges the government to punish the police officers.

5. In the last 4 assembly elections only Muslims have been elected as MLAs. It is well known that the present MLA Jawaharullah was part of the now disbanded Al-Ummah and SIMI. With this situation, the government machinery is in total collusion with these Jihadist elements. The police force in fact is afraid of Jawaharullah who has terrorist antecedents.

6. DSP Muralidharan and Inspector Ganesan have been hand maidens of the terrorist MLA and the Jihadist elements.

7. Even in just concluded Vinayakar Chathurthi celebrations, the 2 police officers have blatantly taken over the vinayagar celebrations at several places and have immersed the idols in the thick of night. Even the traditional Processions taken in traditional paths in the month of Aadi have been changed by these police officers to pander to the Jihadi elements.

8. It is felt by all the Hindus that DSP Muralidharan and Inspector Ganesan have links with the Islamic Jihadi Terrorists and have been currying favours with them.

Hindu Munnani strongly requests the State Government to take action against these people.
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