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Removing saffron from the tricolor suggested for communal harmony

Author: Guest Patrakar
Publication: Fakingnews.firstpost.com
Date: October 20, 2013
URL: http://www.fakingnews.firstpost.com/2013/10/removing-saffron-from-the-tricolor-suggested-for-communal-harmony/?utm_source=hp-firstpost

The Government of Karnataka has decided to step up its “desaffronization” efforts that are aimed at ensuring communal harmony by removing too much of saffron – a controversial color – from public life.

Following a report published in one of rival publications of Faking News, this correspondent did an extensive research and found out the details of what the government had been planning and doing.

Investigations reveal that the state government has given the desaffronization activity the highest priority, over and above trivial issues such as fixing roads, cleaning garbage, and improving civic supplies.

To achieve this, a three-member committee has been formed. Sources say that among the recommendations of the committee, the most important one is to remove the saffron color from the national flag.

“The saffron color gives a wrong idea of India. And as we all know, we have to unite and make every effort to save the idea of India. Removing the controversial color will be a huge boost to this mission,” a government source claimed.

Sources reveal that as a replacement of Saffron, Orange is being considered, as was suggested by a television journalist on Twitter. The journalist’s suggestion has echoed with state’s intellectuals such as veteran writer UR Ananthamurthy.

When this reporter wondered if changing the tricolor will not be a violation of the national flag code, Chief Minister Siddharamaiya said, “Government of India has already started experimenting with the idea as shown by Kapil Sibalji and Chidambaramji. I’m sure Prime Minister Manmohan Gandhiji will support our efforts.”

The Committee for Resisting Saffronization also found serious objectionable content in school textbooks of Karnataka. This includes mention of Swami Vivekananda (a Hindu supremacist) and his quotes, which could “radicalize” young minds.

The committee recommends Vivekananada’s name being omitted from every textbook in the state. The committee feels Indian history can easily be written without mentioning Vivekananda as historian Ramchandra Guha has done in his book “Makers of Modern India”.

“The quotes by Vivekananda are too complex and it will hamper the mental development of children. It will reduce their ability to stand the day-to-day statements made by the modern political leadership,” a committee member explained the dangers of Vivekananda.

Among other instances of saffronization, the committee found too many “conspicuous communal constructions” in cities like Hampi, some of which have already been demolished. The committee has recommended removing whatever was remaining of these.

When Faking News tried to get reactions from the opposition over government’s deeds, we were told that HD Deve Gowda was asleep and hence we’d have to wait till he wakes up (to the reality). The leader of the BJP could also not be contacted as we were told that he had locked himself up the toilet for some unknown reason.
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