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Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP and mosquitoes in Madhya Pradesh

Author: Kakisi Rahgoed
Publication: India Today
Date: October 24, 2013
URL: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/political-buzz-rahul-gandhi-identifies-the-enemy/1/320025.html

Rahul Gandhi has exposed the India Shining lies of the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh by pricking its development balloon with a tight speech in Bundelkhand.

In Sagar, he was emotional, and his stories made people emotional when he spoke about how he had loose motions after he drank water from some places in MP, way back in 2008.

While his detractors accuse him of using loose emotions in his recent speeches, they were in for a surprise as he was specific unlike Wednesday's speech in Rajasthan. 

In Rajasthan, he had created a controversy by saying "they may kill me" without specifying who "they are".

On Thursday, he identified them: mosquitoes in Opposition states.

Rahul Gandhi's speeches, we have more of them now, attract microscopes where pundits patiently examine his words, word by word, and hurriedly reach the conclusion that he is not a mature leader.

The adjectives like Prince and Princeling also do not do justice to the young leader. He speaks about his mother, and then even his mother joins his critics and tells him not to relate her stories in public.

He obeys and speaks about his grandmother and his father and people accuse him of using melodrama to get sympathy votes. He spoke about space and science, philosophy, beehives and ideas but all everyone wants him to do is come up with a plan, with specifics.

He comes up with numbers, like that of kilometres of highways created during the UPA regime and people fish out the exact figure and lampoon him. Not everybody is expected to be super at maths. And everybody starts raising questions because vague statements don't hold water.

He gave them an answer on Thursday. An answer that should shut them up, forever. Water is the problem. While eternally-draught-ridden Bundelkhand is thirsty for water all the time, Rahul discovered whatever water is available carries bugs and mosquitoes. Dirty water breeds stomach bugs and clean, stagnant water breeds mosquitoes.

He was camping in the area around Sagar during 2008 drought when mosquitoes didn't let him sleep a wink.

Bundelkhand straddles two states and is home to dreaded mosquitoes, since the dreaded dacoits have all surrendered.

This was the perfect place to use mosquitoes to mount an attack on BJP.

Madhya Pradesh is a state ruled by BJP, the other state that Bundelkhand straddles is ruled by Samajwadi Party.

Naturally, both these parties are at a total loss for words.

There's no way to find the culprits and force them to deny. Most adult mosquitoes live only five to six months. A slow realisation is dawning upon BJP that Narendra Modi is no match.

Modi, sources said, is mortally scared of the tiny buzzy things since Nana Patekar told him about one mosquito.

Advani can hardly survive mosquito bites, because it reminds him of the mosque that brought him down.

The Congress candidate can bear what the aam aadmi bears every night.

According to reports, mosquitoes have grown in size and unlike in 2009, they are together capable of lifting off a human being the size of Rahul in 2013. These mosquitoes are not your average malaria-class culicidae. These are no longer the midge-like flies one is used to.

And they do not vote.
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