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Maharashtra CM distances himself from Adarsh mess

Author: Dharmendra Jore
Publication: Hindustan Times
Date: December 22, 2013
URL: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/chavan-distances-himself-from-adarsh-mess/article1-1165219.aspx

Even as he continues receiving flak for rejecting the Adarsh report, Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan is trying to distance himself from the development which is projected as a political disaster ahead of general elections.

Chavan said on Saturday that the entire Adarsh episode was “unhappy”. He maintained that he had to go with the cabinet’s decision of rejecting probe panel’s serious findings and scathing strictures against his senior party colleagues and members of ally Nationalist Congress Party.

Chavan’s tone and manner indicated that he was keen on keeping his image intact as the Opposition has accused him of shielding the corrupt, especially because he had replaced one of the Adarsh accused, Ashok Chavan, as state’s CM three years ago. The report has found that Ashok Chavan and other three former CMs patronised the Adarsh society by bending rules and regulations.

“What happened has happened. I don’t know the (political) response it (rejecting the report) will receive. Rejecting the report was cabinet’s decision. The court cases (in Adarsh) will continue,” he told a group of media persons at his official residence Varsha on Saturday evening.

“Tabling the report was a serious obligation because the high court had mandated it,” he said. He also admitted that the decision to reject the report came at a meeting of senior ministers.

Sources close to CM said that he was keen on tabling the report much earlier and the government had shared the findings with senior most Congress and NCP leaders before rejecting them. HT also learned that the government had prepared the action taken report (ATR) which was replaced with a one-page ATR and tabled with the main report on Friday in Nagpur.

Chavan said that his government had not interfered in the justice Patil Commission’s working.
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