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Narendra Modi hits back at Sonia Gandhi, says Congress, not BJP, sowing seeds of poison

Publication: NDTV.com
Date: February 2, 2014
URL: http://www.ndtv.com/article/election-2014/narendra-modi-addresses-rally-in-meerut-highlights-478348

BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addresses Vijay Shankhnad rally in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh amid high security. Security has been increased, keeping in view the communal riots that broke out in Muzaffarnagar last year. Extra police personnel along with bomb disposal squads and metal detectors are in place.

Here are the highlights:

* Meerut is the land of the brave.

* On my way here in the helicopter, it felt that there is a saffron wave below.

* After the Gorakhpur rally, I came to know that the people who could not reach were very unhappy. I feel that today also a lot of people will not reach. I apologise for that.

* It has been more than 150 years since the independence movement of 1857, in 2014 we need the lotus once more. We take inspiration from 1857.

* The 1857 revolt was not given as much importance as it should have been by the Indian government. The youth should know about that movement.

* The UPA government forgot about the 150th anniversary for a reason. If the country listens to the stories of 1857, then no one will listen to the stories spread by Congress.

* UPA has insulted martyrs.

* From this area, I have a direct relationship. A man from Gujarat, Swami Dayanand Saraswati made this land his land of duty.

* Every poor person in this land, has great respect for Swami Dayanand.

* The way population is increasing in Meerut, it is now counted among the big cities in this country. But population is increasing and development is not happening.

* Do the people of Meerut get 24 hours electricity?

* If they cannot give you electricity, will they be able to give you anything else after so many years.

* In Uttar Pradesh, when electricity comes it becomes news, not when the electricity goes away.

* People are surprised that the people of Gujarat get 24x7 electricity supply.

* This country can be developed and the people can get employment. But this will happen with an intention and not with promises.

* Why is the government not providing good roads, airports and basic amenities.

* The ministers at the Centre are from your state, and still there is no airport in Meerut.

* The government that only plays vote-bank politics, can do nothing for you.

* What condition are the sugarcane farmers in. They do not have money to survive.

* Looking at their condition, I feel that if only Chaudhary Charan Singh and Mahendra Singh Tikait were here, they would have found a solution for the farmers.

* In Gujarat the sugar factories start as soon as the sugarcane harvesting is done.

* It is decided beforehand which farmer's harvest will go to which factory.

* 10 years back in Gujarat, the harvest that the farmer used to produce was done using the latest technology and now the output is double.

* We do what we say and we can open the way for the well being of all farmers.

This is not Samajwadi party, it is Samaj-Virodhi party.

* Do u believe that you you sisters and daughters are safe under the SP government. Women are scared of leaving their homes.

* Akhilesh ji, politics is one thing but at least give my people in UP safety and security.

* Do not compete with me through rallies, compete on the basis of development.

* But they will not compete this way because they do not want to.

* There was a time when riots were rampant in Gujarat but we decided that we want development. And now Gujarat is riot free.

* Does UP want to be riot free?

* BJP believes in peace, unity, brotherhood and Sadbhavana. Believe in us and we promise you that we will give a riot-free state.

* We are very worried about the security of women. 1.5 lakh women have registered complaints.

* Despite a big budget, where does all the money go? The public is not happy.

* Every rupee given by the people should be accounted for.

* We are guards of this country. If we are voted to the center, we will make sure no one steals money from our country.

* Do you want to live the same kind of life that your fathers' and grandfathers' lived?

* Do you not want employment?

* When a youth goes for a job interview, they first look for a recommendation for a job.

* If you want freedom from corruption, you will find a way. But these people are looking for ways to fill their houses and pockets.

* In front of all of you, under Ms Sonia's nose, a boy from Arunachal Pradesh was killed.

* People from Arunachal Pradesh fight with the people in China. When people from Arunachal Pradesh meet each other, they say 'Jai Hind.'

* Delhi needs to be seen as a global city but in the last few days, the kind of language and actions that are being seen, our head is bowed in shame.

* Women from Manipur have been manhandled, a boy from Arunachal Pradesh was killed.

* In big cities in India, the people coming from North-East for education or jobs should be provided hostels. They are our own children and their security is our responsibility.

* The issues that the country talks about, the Congress party gives different answer to the question asked.

* Ms Sonia has accused some people of doing 'jeher ki kheti'

* Ms Sonia once told her son Rahul Gandhi that power is poison. Who stayed in power for the longest time after Independence? If power is poison who has tasted this poison most.

* Congress is a divisive party. They believe in divide and rule, they believe in votebank politics, of making communities fight

* When the other states were bifurcated, people were happy because Vajpayee ji sowed seeds of happiness.

* But there is fire in Andhra Pradesh because Congress has spread poison.

* The 2014 elections will decide the future of the country and we should all get together to change the future of the country.
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