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Dear Yogendra Yadav: Let’s talk about Modi

Author: Akshay Bhatia
Publication: Niticentral.com
Date: February 11, 2014
URL: http://www.niticentral.com/2014/02/11/dear-yogendra-yadav-lets-talk-about-modi-189222.html

1. What is the exact relationship between Modi and Adani group? How has Adani become super rich in just 10 years?

» By asking such a question Yogendra Yadav tries to indulge in innuendo, which has been the characteristic of the AAP. However if he had researched on Gujarat and its progress in the last decade, the answers would have been clearly visible.

» Under Narendra Modi’s rule in Gujarat, businesses have thrived and progressed immensely. Not only Adani, almost all industrial houses have done well in Gujarat. This is due to absence of red tape and excellent infrastructure in Gujarat. These policies of the Gujarat Government have directly benefitted the common man, by increasing employment opportunities and incomes.

» Even the PSUs which were loss making entities in Gujarat before Narendra Modi came to power, are making great profit now. Perhaps Yogendra Yadav should take lessons as to how to manage the PSUs

» The per capita income in Gujarat has grown at the fastest rate in Gujarat in the entire country in the last decade. SMEs and MSMEs have also blossomed like never before. There are many success stories in Gujarat, which is truly the growth engine of India.

» If he is specifically interested in only Adani, he should also know that Adani has invested in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Assam apart from Gujarat. In addition to it, the Group has made investment in Indonesia for coal mining project and Australia for port and coal mining projects. It’s investments in Gujarat comprise of only 35 per cent of its total investments.

» Hence questioning ties between Adani group and the Gujarat CM is just nonsensical. Also all the exchanges between the Gujarat Government and the company are in public domain, unlike the AAP which holds closed door meetings in hotels with industrialists to make political deals.

2. Why are the BJP and Modi silent on gas pricing scam by Congress? Why does the media not ask them questions about it?

» This is mischievous propaganda by the AAP. BJP has been most vociferously opposing this price hike. BJP spokespersons like Prakash Javadekar had raised their objection which can be seen here. It was the Yashwant Sinha led Parliamentary Standing Committee which adopted a stand seeking a re-think on the formulation of pricing through recommendations of the Rangarajan formula and urging the UPA government to review its decision to increase prices from April 2014. Members of the BJP, the Biju Janata Dal, the Shiv Sena, the Janata Dal (United) and the Left joined hands to support adoption of the report amid opposition from Congress MPs. This news article can be read here . This news article confirms that even the Energy Minister of Gujarat Saurabh Patel had strongly opposed this move to hike prices.

» So the question arises: Is the AAP weak on homework or just plain lying?

» The question to be asked to Yogendra Yadav is: Why did his party not raise its voice or demand any FIR in the AgustaWestland case which directly involved Sonia Gandhi? Does their political alliance play a part, or does have more to do with Yogendra Yadav’s closeness to Congress?

3. Where does money for NaMo campaign come from? Shouldn’t the BJP be transparent?

» Money for Modi’s campaign is a subject which comes within the purview of the Election Commission. All political parties and election candidates have to file their expenditure figures. BJP and Modi are answerable to the Election Commission and not AAP. We hope the AAP does not see itself as being above the Election Commission.

» While the AAP adopts a holier than thou attitude, why does not AAP comply in the probe on its funding? This news report clearly states that AAP has not replied to two notices on its funding. Yogendra Yadav should question Manish Sisodia who is accused of misusing the money meant for his NGO. Yogendra Yadav also needs to answer the nation as to why is the Ford Foundation aiding the AAP and what are the ulterior motives behind it.

4. What is the record of Modi Government on farmer suicides, infant mortality, and quality of schooling? A model for the country?

» Yogendra Yadav may be pleasantly surprised to know that Gujarat’s performance on education, infant mortality rate and helping farmers is indeed a model for the nation.

» The Modi Government, with its Kanya Kelvani and Shala Praveshotsav programme in Mission Mode focused attention on primary education in the State for the first time. At the time Modi became Chief Minister, the dropout rate in primary education was as high as 20 per cent. This means that one in every five children dropped out of school at the end of class 5. In 2012-13, this has come down to 2.04 per cent.

» This huge success in education was due to more money being spent on education especially in building infrastructure. The performance of Gujarat is far better than the National performance which can be seen below:

• 99 per cent of schools in Gujarat have electricity vs 47 per cent nationally.

• 82 per cent of schools in Gujarat have ramp facility Vs 53 per cent nationally.

• 89 per cent of schools in Gujarat have boundary walls vs 58 per cent nationally.

• 100 per cent of schools in Gujarat have girls toilets vs 72 per cent nationally.

• 100 per cent of schools in Gujarat have drinking water vs 23 per cent nationally.

» According to the latest figures of IMR are for 2012, released by Registrar General in 2013 IMR of Gujarat has declined by 33 per cent as compared to decline of 30 per cent for All India between 2003 and 2012. Gujarat’s IMR at 38 is lower than the All India IMR of 42 hence Gujarat’s IMR has declined from 57 in 2003 to 38 in 2012.

» Gujarat had a rank of 10 in 15 bigger States in SRS 2005. This rank improved to 8th in 19 bigger States which have been taken up in SRS 2013. Also important to note that in Gujarat IMR reduced from 69 in 1991 to 60 in 2001, but in the next 11 years decreased from 60 to 38! Hence Gujarat has done well in reducing IMR and this indicates that growth in Gujarat has been Inclusive.

» It is interesting to see Yogendra Yadav raise the same questions on farmer suicides which was raised by his protégé Rahul Gandhi just a couple of days back. Gujarat has an excellent track record in not being known for farmer suicides. The states of Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra are known for farmer suicides.

» If any party is responsible for farmer suicides, it is the Congress. Also Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, two Congress-ruled States have the highest number of suicide cases in India.

» According to a reply given in the Lok Sabha, Andhra Pradesh recorded 7303 while Maharashtra recorded 10,264 deaths in 2010, 2011, 2012. It is ironic that Yogendra Yadav asks this question to Narendra Modi when it is the party who he was associated with previously which is responsible for most farmer deaths.

» Gujarat has the country’s best record in BT cotton but the State has made excellent arrangements for provision of infrastructure and inputs, especially water and has been able to avoid farmer suicides.

» It would be good if Yogendra Yadav answers what AAP Government has done in Delhi. Rapes continue unabated. Racial crimes are flourishing. In fact, AAP Ministers themselves are indulging in racism. As many as 174 people are reported to have died in Delhi due to cold in the first 23 days of AAP rule. Even the NHRC has had to step in and raise questions about it.

5. Why does Babulal Bokharia continue in Modi’s Cabinet despite being convicted? Can we trust NaMo to end criminalisation?

» Babubhai Bokhiria has a stay on his conviction, as this news report notes. Yogendra Yadav should respect the due process of law and then pass judgements as to who should remain in the Cabinet and who should not.

» While on the matter of criminality of Ministers, AAP also needs to answer why Somnath Bharti continues as a Minister in spite of being indicted by the court for evidence tempering. He is also accused of being the perpetrator of a worldwide spamming and pornography racket. Surprisingly, AAP leaders who have been most vocal about anything and everything under the sun have not offered a single explanation of Bharti’s actions!
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