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`UK needs to tackle ISIS militarily' 

Author: Kounteya.Sinha @timesgroup.com
Publication: The Times of India 
Date: August 18, 2014
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/uk/UK-needs-to-tackle-ISIS-militarily-David-Cameron/articleshow/40353117.cms

Introduction: Terror Group A Direct Threat To Europe: PM

British prime minister David Cameron has warned that Europe could soon see “a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean if a “firm security response “was not delivered to counter ISIS in Iraq.

In what is being seen as the PM making a strong case for Britain to return to Iraq, Cameron said that the creation of an extremist caliphate in the heart of Iraq and extending into Syria is not a “problem miles away from home nor a problem that should be defined by a war 10 years ago“. Cameron said, “It is our concern here and now. Because if we do not act to stem the onslaught of this dangerous terrorist movement, it will only grow stronger until it can target us on the streets of Britain. We already know that it has the murderous intent. Indeed, the first ISIS-inspired terrorist acts on Europe have already taken place“.

 “On Friday, we agreed with our European partners that we will provide equipment directly to the Kurdish forces; we are now identifying what we might supply , from body armour to specialist counter-explosive equipment,“ he said.

UK meanwhile has decide to step up engagement with Iraq's neighbours in the region.
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