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UN whines that Sri Lanka resists Islamisation

Author: Sheikyer Mami
Publication: Sheikyermami.com
Date: August 3, 2014
URL: http://sheikyermami.com/un-whines-that-sri-lanka-resists-islamisation/

UN says Sri Lanka illegally returning Pakistani asylum seekers.

The Muselmanic obsession with making the world Islamic meets increased resistance, especially from Buddhists, who have been wiped out wherever Mohammedanism gained the upper hand. Whats extraordinarily galling is the tone of this article from the Turkish supremacist World Bulletin. My comments are in italics.

Sri Lanka began arresting asylum seekers and refugees on June 9 and has since detained 214 Pakistanis and Afghans in two asylum centres   .

Sri Lanka must stop deporting Pakistani asylum seekers, a practice banned under international law, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said on Saturday.

Paki asylum seekers? Why, for heavens sake! Is there a civil war in Pakistan, that land of the pure? Why, pray tell, why would Mohammedans from Pakistan, a true Islamic paradise, seek asylum amongst the cursed idolaters in Sri Lanka? And why would the Buddhists of Sri Lanka be obliged to host them? And deporting them is “banned under international law?” Which law would that be, if not the sharia?

Sri Lanka began arresting asylum seekers and refugees on June 9 and has since detained 214 Pakistanis and Afghans in two asylum centres, UNHCR said.

Sri Lanka should not accommodate any Mohammedans from anywhere, period.

Authorities in Colombo said the influx of illegal immigrants in the past year had become a burden on state resources and potentially compromised state and regional security.

Mohammedans are a burden everywhere. That’s why we call them cultural enrichers.

The Sri Lankan government also blamed people trafficking networks for the recent rise in asylum seekers reaching its shores.

In the past two days, Sri Lanka had deported 18 people, with another 10 deportations expected on Sunday, UNHCR said in a statement, adding that the repatriations breached a “no forced return” principle.

“This principle is binding on all states and precludes them from sending asylum seekers and refugees to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened,” it said.

A reversal of reality. Wherever Mohammedans have been able to settle behind enemy lines, it is them who are threatening the lives and the freedom of the natives….

The Convention on Torture also forbids sending people back to places where they might be tortured, it added.

Its is torture to allow Mohammedans to settle among the kafirs.

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of External Affairs said the number of refugees or asylum seekers had risen by 700 percent in the 2013-2014 period. By June 30 there were 1,562 asylum seekers and 308 refugees, it said.

“These asylum seekers are being encouraged to return, in the vital security interests of Sri Lanka and the region,” it said.

The increase in numbers was due to “people falling victim to commercially-driven human trafficking networks which abuse the liberal visa policy,” as well as a slowdown in the number of refugees resettled in other countries since 2012, it said.

We are not responsible for what Mohammedans do to each other.

The influx had resulted in serious problems for law and order, security and health, the Ministry said.

It always does. And it never ends.

“In April 2014, 10 cases of malaria were detected among these asylum seekers. This detection was made at a time when Sri Lanka, having achieved zero indigenous cases of malaria for the past several years, was under consideration for obtaining WHO certification,” it said in a statement.

The Ministry also said the UNHCR had not helped Sri Lanka to speed up the process of dealing with refugees and asylum seekers, and had not provided financial help or housing.

Some applications for resettlement of refugees in third countries had been pending for five years, it said.
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