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Kerala: Church warns parents to guard children against ‘selfie’

Author: Shaju Philip
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: February 6, 2015
URL: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/kerala-church-warns-parents-to-guard-children-against-selfie/

A month after asking the Catholic laity to stand against inter-caste marriages, Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) has now issued another warning.  The Church want parents to guard the children against new danger zones, which include, “exhibiting oneself through selfi and forced conversions of youth through love affair for the purpose of re-launching them as terrorists.”

In a circular to be read out in Churches in Kerala on February 8, the KCBC, a platform of Catholic Bishops, said “we should realize the growth of danger zones, both physical and spiritual.’’

It said parents should take care that their children do not fall into unholy relations. “the trend of children exhibiting themselves through whatsapp and selfies is on the rise. By showing themselves to everyone, these children become prey for the voraciously eagle-eyed persons. Parents should take special care in this regard. It should be ensured that children should not deviate from the righteous path.’’

“Extremism and religious fundamentalism are growing in our state. There is an increase in the trend of youths and children being trapped in love affairs and taking them into terrorism and other danger zones. Hence, children should be taught to grow in Catholic faith.’’

The circular issued by the KCBC Commission for Vocation has urged the laity not to discourage children from dreaming about priesthood or nunhood. Those who try to belittle such dreams of children are waging a war against the interest of the Catholic Church, said the circular.

In early January, this year, the KCBC had issued a circular saying that the Church should stand against inter-caste marriages and methods for family planning. It also had requested the parents to pray that one of their wards become priest or nun.
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