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#AdarshLiberal – Indian Liberals and Reverse Outsourcing!

Publication: Niticentral.com
Date: March 15, 2015
URL:     http://www.niticentral.com/2015/03/15/adarshliberal-indian-liberals-reverse-outsourcing-306860.html

Why does the Indian Mainstream Liberal Media (MSM) outsource its issues, while the Liberal political parties outsource their political fights ?

One of the most “out of place doubts” I recently saw being raised on the Internet was on Quora, a Q&A website. A question was posed, obviously by one of the so called Indian liberals #adarshliberal, to Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia and a contributing member of Quora as to what he thought about the whole Nirbhaya documentary incident being played out in India.

The answer was quite predictable, a western sermon to Indians from a supposedly high moral pedestal.

Which brings us to the topic of this column – What exactly does a Jimmy Wales have to do with the Nirbhaya documentary episode?

With all heartfelt sympathies to the family of the innocent victim in a ghastly episode of violence by an animal in the guise of a man, the way this whole story about the documentary and its purported ban by the government unfolded was an unfortunate chaotic twist to this sad tale of grief and suffering. Without getting into the merits and demerits of filming such a documentary let’s look at the repercussions of invoking foreign players into teaching us the  changes that we need to make as an Indian society collectively.  What good has this cacophony in the international arena done to us? Nevertheless how much of grief did it lessen for the near and dear ones affected by this dreadful incident?

How would an innocent Indian Ph.D. student being denied an admission in Germany after being stereotyped as a rapist from India help the cause of preventing such crimes on the fairer sex in the future? Or rather would effective policing help in India in any way? Do we need a BBC reporter to tell us that there is a problem with mindsets that is triggering wrongs against our women? What about the claims of a sustained campaign against India by a section of the stakeholders in BBC owing their loyalties to our unfriendly neighbour? Are we giving them more ammo for a smear campaign against India and Indians?

The solution to one issue may not lie in creating another.

Indian liberal Mainstream Media (MSM) and their outsourcing

In the not so distant past there was an episode that trumped all acts of liberal imprudence. A certain Ms. Dutt who has a knack for figuring out if anything is against the idea of India and of the “truth vs. hype” fame asked Tulsi Gabbard the lone Hindu senator from US if she was going to be a Hindu her whole life? What kind of logic drives such a question coming from a journalist of such senior repute?

The same media house that also proudly claims to be an Indian channel has never even projected the Kashmiri Pandit problem to a detail that it deserves. Yet they have given extra space to secessionists from Kashmir, who wanted separation from India. They also gave space to several controversial figures like Teetsa Setalvad (who is currently being probed for corruption) and Arundhati Roy (who in spite of all her literary acumen did make many statements that can definitely be argued upon!) While in a democracy it is important to give a chance to all voices, but to what extent? At the extent of not giving an equal amount of opportunity to those who actually believe in the idea of India contrary to those who do not? Even in the USA there is an equally big divide between the left leaning liberal mainstream media (MSM) and those who are on the right side of the political spectrum given credence by a select few media houses. Has an Indian politician or media house ever been invited to play judge to the debate between Republicans and Democrats in the US?

This particular Indian liberal Mainstream Media channel (MSM) is also considered to be a lighthouse in the sea of Indian liberal waters for strayed over liberal intellectuals and opinion-holders returning from foreign lands who have everything except an Indian passport that has been forsaken (any guesses?).

Further continuing about the travails of such liberal indiscretions another famed journalist of the same channel Ms. Nidhi was wrong-footed by a no nonsense British Member of Parliament Barry Gardiner after being egged on by the anchor about the moral standing in dealing with a person like Modi after the 2002 riots? For God’s sake does it take a foreign MP to put some sense into this liberal journalist with a certain agenda that a person who is exonerated by the Indian courts and is well respected by his own people (the ballot boxes in Gujarat proved this time and again!) isn’t to be commented or judged by a foreigner. More so it would amount to foreign interference! Does this channel or this journalist have a liberal or left leaning agenda that is worth going to any extent? Are they willing to invoke foreign elements into their debates and ask them to judge the moral bearings of their ideological opponents from India? What if the foreign countries or judges use this to their advantage in global negotiations damaging Indian interests or just plainly believe in whatever is being implicated about Modi or his party and form an impression about India that hurts it?

Maybe the sequel to their series “Truth vs. Hype” should be “United we stand, divided we fall!”, at least that idea would be ringing in their ears!

And what about the another liberal messiah in the form of a media house that did not show Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India (Read: Arunachal Pradesh, absent from The Idea of India?), all the while highlighting any tom dick and harry who as motor mouths on the extreme right make uncalled statements, especially in a world ruled by boisterous and paranoid media houses.

Left leaning Indian liberal political class and their outsourcing

While the media houses that form the liberal mainstream media (MSM) in India are examples of such ill-advised adventurism in outsourcing their ideological differences to the extent that Indian interests are damaged severely, their political bosses that form the core of the Left leaning Indian liberal political class is no less of a culprit in this regards.

There is a black day in Indian democracy when Gandhi the founding father of India’s spirit must have been really upset after a lifetime of struggle to help us liberate from foreign occupation. This was when some left leaning Indian liberal parliamentarians including independents and various regional parties like the JD(U)  amounting to around 65 faxed a request letter to the American president asking him to deny Mr. Modi’s visa.

“Indian politicians ask Obama to deny a visa to one of their own!” screamed Washington Post. It was like a slap on the face of a billion plus Indians! As if the idea of India was bursting open at the seams! No matter how big of a political difference an Indian parliamentarian has, appealing to the moral discretion of a foreign country’s ruler more than the supreme court of its own land speaks volumes about their patriotic inclinations towards India. Such MP’s should be named and shamed. And it will forever stand as a testimony to the misadventures of the Indian liberal political class who sacrificed India for the sake of their own petty political gains.

Another example of such indiscretion is when Rahul Gandhi spoke of Hindu extremism being a cause of worry bigger than anything else in India while conversing with the Ambassador of a foreign nation at an event as per the leaked cables. This was nothing but outsourcing one’s political fights to foreign judges and in all fairness has seldom been seen from the right wingers. And any such patriotic moral fiber is instantly dubbed as “Extreme nationalism” in the liberal lingo.

The above mentioned instances have emboldened so many foreign elements to finger in India’s internal affairs that some foreign newspapers have openly endorsed against Modi appealing not to vote for him. This can be termed as nothing but gross interference in the internal affairs of another county.

To add to all this the recent questioning of the Indian Coastguard’s claims of shooting down a boat belonging to Pakistan in Indian waters by the congress party is dangerous tinkering of the Indian security apparatus for political gains. Any such doubts should be dealt with by engaging with the government directly rather than doubting the integrity of India’s men and women in uniform in public thus emboldening the enemy. The congress party with all its experience should have known better!

How much longer will the Indian liberal political class and mainstream media outsource their domestic politcal squabbles ?

Where is the counter media narrative to keep these #AdarshLiberals in check ?
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