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Unholy nexus in action — 21-member probe for Rs.12,000 theft!

Author: India Tomorrow Bureau
Publication: India Tomorrow
Date: July 22, 2015
URL: http://indiatomorrow.co/nation/3596-unholy-nexus-in-action-21-member-probe-for-rs-12-000-theft

The unholy nexus between the media and missionaries is becoming clearer with every manufactured incident.

It must surely be the first time in history that a team comprising no less than 21 members has been set up to probe — hold your breath — a petty theft of no more than Rs.12,000/-.

This high-level probe has been ordered thanks to the ‘secular’ media, which has raised such a hue and cry over a petty theft of Rs.12,000 (Rupees twelve thousand only) in a Christian missionary school in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area. The media has been trying its best to paint the incident as yet another instance of “brutal attack on Christians”.

Of course, when the thief — one Rahul from Manipur — was arrested after a probe by this 21-member ‘special team’, the media dropped the issue like a hot potato. TV channels that had earlier shouted themselves hoarse over the incident, now gave less than even a minute to news of the thief having been arrested.

More importantly, these very TV channels who are busy spinning atrocity stories of “attack on Christians” took extra care to conceal from their viewers the rather inconvenient fact that the arrested culprit Rahul is himself a Christian.

The special 21-member team set up to probe the incident had to expend considerable time and energy in apprehending Rahul. The team obtained 26 fingerprints from the room of the principal of a Christian missionary school Holy Child Auxilium and sent these to the 33 fingerprints bureaus throughout the country, which finally yielded clues that lead to the arrest of Rahul, a student gone bad.

The probe team’s task has not ended yet, as it has to examine another incident of vandalization in a church in Delhi. While such incidents must be probed and the guilty punished, what is of note here is the role of the media in deliberately sensationalizing the pettiest of incidents of crime that have absolutely no political connotation whatsoever. This has become an industry in itself, well-funded and oiled, whose sole purpose is to raise false alarm and discredit the nation’s administration to which certain elements are intrinsically hostile.
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