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Islamic State blows up baby while demonstrating members how to handle explosives

Publication: IBNLive.com
Date: July 14, 2015
URL: http://www.ibnlive.com/news/world/islamic-state-blows-up-baby-while-demonstrating-members-how-to-handle-explosives-1020189.html

After several beheading and killings, the Islamic State has reportedly blown up a baby while training members how to handle explosives.

The cruel act took place in Diyala Province on July 10, according to provincial Security Committee Chairman Sadiq el-Husseini. He detailed the event to the local Arabic-language A-Sumeriah News.

The baby's father was apparently executed just weeks ago, after he allegedly took part in the killing of an Islamic State member.

"The organization booby trapped the baby in front of dozens of armed ISIS men and then detonated it from afar," Sadiq el-Husseini said. The rigging of the baby and its detonation was a training exercise of ISIS to teach its people booby-trapping techniques.

It's not the first time that ISIS has indulged in atrocities against young children have been reported. In a gruesome incident in the past, ISIS terrorists cut a five-year-old boy in half. In 2013, Islamic extremists reportedly beheaded a 40-day-old infant after stopping a bus in northeast Syria. An unconfirmed report said al-Baghdadi gave followers permission to eat babies.

As we have reported, ISIS terrorists have buried women and children alive in mass graves, and engaged in a campaign to "systematically" behead children in Mosul. A report also said the group intends to behead the Statue of Liberty in New York.

ISIS is known for using children as fighters and executioners. But this is the first time that the use of a baby for bobby-trap training has been reported.
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