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October Month Article

  • A tribute to Sister Nivedita
    • Anirban Ganguly
      As we inch towards Sister Nivedita’s 150th birth anniversary, one would do well to recognise, re-evaluate her life and work and to rekindle a deeper and wider interest in her.......
  • 'Cow killing is not sanctioned'
    • Dr Hafeez Pasha
      Islam is a modern and flexible religion which always teaches its followers the philosophy of peaceful co-existence, tolerance and harmony.........
  • 90 years of RSS
    • Newsbharati.com
      There can be two different scenarios to imagine state of nation. Firstly, had RSS been formed 90 years earlier in 1835........
  • Tension in Moodbidri after murder
    • Raghava M.
      Tension prevailed in Moodbidri after a flower merchant, who was said to be a Bajrang Dal activist, was allegedly murdered in a market on Friday. ...........
  • The Supreme Court thrashes Sanjiv Bhatt
    • Kartikeya Tanna
      Earlier this week, in a significant judgment by the country's apex court, Sanjiv Bhatt, the expelled former IPS officer on whom the hopes of everyone hating our Prime Minister rested...........
  • In Major U-Turn, Stalin Says DMK a Party of Hindus
    • N Ravikumar
      Nearly seven decades after DMK founder C N Annadurai wrote a series of articles in ‘Dravida Naadu’ to substantiate his argument that Hinduism is not the religion of Tamils..........
  • India’s chaotic lesson in letting go
    • Eric Weiner
      If the point of travel is to challenge ourselves, then naturally we should seek out the most “difficult” destinations, like India...........
  • Award Wapasi Shame: Know the Literary Mafias
    • Saswat Panigrahi
      What is the common between dismissed IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, self-styled activist Teesta Setalvad and the writers who have relinquished Sahitya Akademi Awards or quit the Akademi..........
  • Television That Few Want to Watch
    • Manu Joseph
      There is a coup underway in India: Some people who are inconvenienced by democracy have taken over nearly all the country’s television news channels.........
  • Meet your Sahitya Akademi Award Returnees
    • Opindia.com
      Numerous authors and poets have decided to return their Sahitya Akademi awards to protest, what they see as “rise of intolerance” in India.......
  • The Cabal Rises in Protest
    • Sunanda Vashisht
      By now the irony of writers and artists who are protesting about intolerance and growing fascism in India via newspaper columns......
  • Indian Secularism is Colour Blind
    • Tufail Ahmad
      People are angry at the murder of Muhammad Akhlaq in Dadri over allegations that he ate beef. Some say they are angry at Akhlaq’s murder........
  • Malcolm Turnbull Shows the Way
    • Arvind Lavakare
      When asked about the “Breaking News” story of a multiple rape by a juvenile group in his state, UP’s Netaji said “Boys will be boys”.......
  • Secular brigade’s gameplan
    • JS Rajput
      As the Bisara incident shows, secularists just cannot see beyond elections, communal combinations like Yaduvanshis.......
  • Nostalgia of personality cult
    • K.N. Pan
      Recently, the NDA government expressed its intention of revamping the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML). .......
  • Relax, Modi is not a Nazi
    • Vamsee Juluri, @VamseeJuluri
      Several 'experts' simply don’t have a clue what the PM is talking about that gets ordinary Indians so inspired.……...
  • Another Godhra in the Making?
    • Rajeev Srinivasan
      I am beginning to worry about India’s national security in the wake of the Pakistani……...
  • It happened in Bikaner
    • Arti Dogra
      Here, administration was reoriented to facilitate behavioural change rather than just provide individual toilets. This is the way forward for Swachh Bharat...........
  • PM Modi dazzles Silicon Valley
    • T. V. Mohandas Pai
      The U.S. recognises that India is the last unconquered digital market. If Digital India succeeds, there will be a new model to reach the rest of the unconnected world.........
  • Ahimsa has no political hue
    • Vamsee Juluri
      Gandhi and Upadhyaya responded in strongly similar idioms, with non-violence as a central concept, in trying to chart an ethical course for a newly decolonised India.........
  • Faith in a Smart City
    • Mark Tully
      India is no stranger to confusion and that is why the much-talked-of jugaad, muddling through or miraculously rescuing a situation at the last moment is so common..........

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