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CSDS Commie Wolves

Author: Ravinar
Publication: Mediacrooks.com
Date: May 7, 2016
URL:   http://www.mediacrooks.com/2016/05/csds-commie-wolves.html#.Vy1Ybvl97IU

Recently, the issue of Shaheed Bhagat Singh being termed a “terrorist” in some Delhi University books came up in the media. This is nothing new and many have known about it for long. When asked about it the Commie Boss of CPM Sitaram Yechury stated “It is just colonial legacy” which needs correction. Really? That is all? Just colonial legacy? Truth is, the Commies have dominated the misinformation and distortion of history in our school books and other publications and carried on this crime for over 60 years. Just check how Mughal criminals were glorified in Bengal text books. Almost all institutions that deal with Indian History has been infested like Wolves with Commies, thanks to Nehru and the fake Gandhis. They have systematically tarred our heroes, especially Hindu heroes and glorified mass murderers and villains. These are the Wolves that now whine about “Intellectuals” being under threat under ModiSarkar.

Madhu Kishwar (MK), a prominent critic of Narendra Modi-turned-fact-finder-turned-admirer, was recently at the receiving end of discrimination by such Commie Wolves that infest the organisation called CSDS (Centre for Study of Developing Societies). This CSDS grandly claims they are commonly popular as “The Centre” on their website. You know, you get down at Delhi station and ask the auto or taxi guy to take you to “The Centre” they will take you to CSDS. Okay? We’ll get to this in a bit. Through a web article of MK I came to learn about a Commie whining more about intolerance and how historians are suffering under ModiSarkar. On the page I saw a pic of Karl Marx and I knew where the article was headed. But wait! The guy wasn’t Karl Marx; his name is Sanjay Subrahmanyam. I had never heard of him but my education about Commie jerks is a never-ending agony. Here are some of the questions he was asked in a TOI article called “Real people are censored” (Don’t laugh, that is seriously the title):

Is history being used in India today for political purposes?

When you see what happened to Wendy Doniger's book, are you worried about the fate of intellectuals today?

How do you react to historian Ramachandra Guha's recent statement that this is the most anti-intellectual government India has ever had?

Is this government failing to protect Indian pluralism?

Does the Indian public discourse today worry you?

I was laughing and wondering who concocts such fallacies and idiotic questions. I had made a rare mistake in my reading-life. I forgot to read the name of the writer of this garbage. It had to be the extreme C5M Sagarika Ghose. After that, all my joy of wide-eyed surprise simply disappeared. These Commies who call themselves intellectuals and berate everyone who challenges them are in reality just Scaredy-Chicks. I remember Arun Shourie, who challenged these Commies, had a hard time publishing his first book. Such is the grip on public discourse and publishing by the Commies and yet they whine like pigs because the corrupt party that kept their bottoms warm has lost power. In “Eminent Historians” Shourie narrates how a guy flares up and throws tantrums just because he was asked to account for his travel expenses properly. We all remember Amartya Sen throwing tantrums and threatening to quit Nalanda because he was asked about financial accountability. These are the Commie intellectuals! Want to live on public money but don’t want accountability.

In the TOI article I just mentioned, this Sanjay Marx refers to Madhu Kishwar as a “BJP” intellectual. She maybe an intellectual but why a BJP intellectual? Are these Scardy-Chicks then Congress Intellectuals or Maoist Intellectuals? Their whining is eternal. Here’s how and why MK became an untouchable in the very Commie circles that she had worked relentlessly for years:

It’s that interview with Modi followed by a book – all prior to LS2014 – that marked MK as “Unacceptable” and “Untouchable” in the very circles she worked for ages. Here’s the problem her organisation called “The Centre” also known as CSDS heaped on her with ignominy (excerpts from MK’s legal notice to CSDS):

“That on 03.12.2015, my client received a communication from the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR) informing her that she has been awarded the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship for two years period starting 2016; as a “recognition” of her “pre-eminent scholarship… That before my client, Prof Ashis Nandy and Prof DL Sheth as recipients of the same fellowship in the years 2006 and 2009 respectively, were granted CSDS affiliation without the least fuss by the CSDS. Prof D L Sheth, Prof Ashis Nandy and Prof V B Singh continue to be provided affiliation as well as office space and other support systems at CSDS even though they have retired in May 2001, 2002 and 2005 respectively. The presence and guidance of these seniors is a huge asset for CSDS.

The CSDS has over the years granted affiliation to countless scholars, including those from outside the Centre. Even in 2014-15, the following ICSSR and UGC scholars were given affiliation: That to her utter shock and dismay, on 11.01.2016, my client learnt from you the noticee, that grant of her affiliation will depend on the approval of the Faculty Standing Committee. It is noteworthy that the existing Rules neither envisaged the placing of the applications for affiliation before the Faculty Standing Committee nor mandated the approval of the said Committee”.

In short, MK, who retired from CSDS on April 30 was denied Affiliation by CSDS despite their funders ICSSR granting her such status. This is nothing short of brazen Commie discrimination. Such affiliation has been granted to hundreds of persons (including foreigners) by CSDS and MK is the first one to be denied this citing some fraudulent internal committee on such decisions. The reasons are quite obvious. The CSDS grandly puts up this disclaimer on its website:

I don’t see any reason or need for such a disclaimer but the fact is most of the CSDS operators are political pimps of either the Congress or the Commies – both same in meaning. That MK chose to dig into facts over Gujarat and the campaign against Modi is the reason she is being discriminated against and penalised. She has a natural and moral right to her affiliation, her right to work and be funded for it the same way many redundant political-activists do at CSDS. This organisation proudly boasts of political hacks like Yogendra Yadav and Ashis Nandy among others. Nandy had to recently apologise to SC for his bogus tirade against Modi and Gujarat. For long the Commies have carried out a systematic campaign against BJP and Modi with fraudulent issues and here’s a show where MK brilliantly nails the lies of MonkeyBalancer and StreetThug Rajdeep Sardesai on his campaign of lies (Video 4.3o mins):

Rajdeep is not the only one. The entire Commie gang that calls itself “Intellectuals” indulged in this fraudulent campaign, gave themselves awards and truck-loads of money. Now they whine about being targeted under ModiSarkar. Again a fraudulent whine – Non-Commies are still being discriminated against and penalised by Commie outfits like CSDS and many others. The public, through the ICSSR, funds the CSDS. Don’t be surprised that it is also funded by the Ford Foundation. Lately, anyone who has heard of FF would know about their evil agenda and their preference for foot-soldiers who will peddle that agenda. Looks like MK refuses to be a part of that political agenda which CSDS so deceptively claims it doesn’t have in its bogus disclaimer. And that is the reason she is being made to pay such a heavy price.

How Commie Pigs destroy truth, tar Hinduism and Hindus and their culture can be seen by how they treated their own scholars. Read this excerpt from VoiceOfDharma on the Criminal Commie conspiracy. It will stun you how they trash real scholars who have the courage to speak the truth (emphasis mine):

“How hostile Communism can be to everything Hindu is proved by an incident in which S.A. Dange and his son-in-law, Deshpande, got involved a few years ago. Deshpande wrote quite a scholarly book in which he propounded that several important principles of modern mathematics and science (including dialectical materialism which is the greatest principle of modern science according to Communism) were first discovered by systems of Hindu philosophy, notably SãMkhya and Vedãnta. Several other Communist savants had earlier indulged in a similar exercise of casting ancient Hindu philosophies into a materialist mould.

The party had paraded them as expert explorers and authentic interpreters of the revolutionary undercurrents in India’s philosophical heritage. Where Deshpande went wrong was that he took a genuine pride in the ancient Hindu past and expressed it in no mean measure. Dange himself contributed a Preface to the book and presented it as quite an academic achievement. Little did they know the consequences of what they had done. The Party came down upon them like a ton of bricks. It called a seminar, Marxism on Vedanta, in which Dange had to confess his errors and eat crow.  Deshpande’s book published by a society in Bombay was withdrawn from circulation”.

For all the ruckus at JNU or FTII or Jadavpur University, the Commies have destroyed all possibilities of any challenge to their bogus ideology and failed political system. So much so that they can’t even stomach a simple movie being screened at some of their Commie lairs and hide-outs:

That’s a movie about a Naxalite Professor brainwashing his students. Little jokers like Sagarika whine about Wendy Doniger or that Sanjay Marx or Distortian Guha rants about intolerance and intellectuals suffering under ModiSarkar. Truth is that the Commies have a history of crying wolf and destroying every factual account in history. The CSDS Commie Wolves just added another chapter to it with their illegitimate decision on Madhu Kishwar. The GOI must intervene and end this nonsense of such discrimination.


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