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Tripura Communists Urinate in Mouth of Student who wrote ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ on his Motorcycle

Author: HinduPost Staff
Publication: Hindupost.in
Date: May 16, 2016
URL:   http://www.hindupost.in/news/tripura-communists-urinate-mouth-student-wrote-bharat-mata-ki-jai-motorcycle/

In yet another display of Marxist intolerance and fascism on university campuses, members of SFI – Students Federation of India, the student wing of CPI-M i.e Communist Party of India – Marxist, the ruling party in Tripura – urinated in the mouth of a student who had a ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ sticker on his motorcycle. The gruesome incident occurred in Kamalpur Subdivisional College in Dhalai district, Tripura.

Alok Deb, 21, a a second-year student in the college and resident of Shantipara in Ambassa subdivision, was dragged into a room by SFI activists who first beat him up and then at least two SFI students urinated in his mouth. Later, the SFI goons were heard saying that Alok Deb’s mouth had become impure by saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, hence they had purified him (by urinating in his mouth). The Tripura CM since 1998, Manik Sarkar from CPI-M, is yet to comment on the incident though almost a week has passed.

Sunil Deodhar @Sunil_deodhar
Tripura Communists urinate in the mouth of a student who wrote BharatMataKiJai on his motorcycle.I strongly condemn.
9:24 PM - 14 May 2016

The below media report has a slightly different version of the ghastly incident, wherein it is alleged that the SFI activists assaulted Alok Deb because he refused to join SFI. The SFI goons even snatched Rs 1500 which Alok had bought to pay for college fees –

“In another instance of campus violence in Tripura, Students’ Federation of India activists allegedly assaulted and then urinated on a second-year student of Kamalpur Subdivisional College in Dhalai district because he refused to join the SFI.

Sources in the police said Alak Deb, 21, a resident of Shantipara in Ambassa subdivision, had gone to college yesterday to appear for his semester examinations. When he was leaving, some alleged SFI activists took him to a room on the campus and handed him a receipt of payment of the entry fees to join the students’ organisation.

When Alak refused to accept the receipt, four to five students rained blows on him. Then he was pinned to the floor and at least two students urinated on him. They also snatched Rs 1,500, which Alak had brought to pay for examination and other fees.

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation. No SFI office-bearer was available for comments. Repeated calls to SFI state secretary Nabarun Deb’s phone went unanswered.

After the incident, Alak went to meet college principal Chhanda Bhattacharya but she was not present. Then he went to Kamalpur police station with his grandfather, Tejendra Deb, and filed a complaint.

The FIR mentions three of Alak’s tormentors by name – Debanjan Das, Manoj Sinha and Birajit Debbarma. But the police are yet to arrest them. “We have registered the FIR filed by Alak Deb but the students named in the complaint are absconding. We will arrest them soon,” an officer of Kamalpur police station said.

Supriyo Dutta, an intellectual, said a similar incident had taken place in the college last August when a student refused to join the SFI. A false molestation complaint was filed against him but the police were prevented from taking any action. “As punishment, the hapless boy was made to stand on the ground in front of the college and all other students were told that they could smack him with shoes. But then SFI leaders rescued him and the boy joined the SFI,” Dutta said.

“The police cannot do much because of political pressure,” a police officer said.

The deadly fascism displayed by communists worldwide is intrinsic to communists in Bharat as well. But since they have captured the academic mindspace in this country, they have been successful in masking their extreme intolerance to opposing ideologies. The communists have found allies in secular-liberals who act as their sympathizers in media and civil society to create a false narrative that it is the Hindu nationalists’ who are fascist and intolerant. Slowly, but surely, this Marxist lie is crumbling.

But do not expect the national media of Bharat to hold the Tripura CM Manik Sarkar or the CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury accountable for this horrible crime by their party’s student wing SFI in Tripura; Yechury, being an alumni of St. Stephens and JNU, fits right into the cozy club of Lutyens Delhi. Outrage and demands for apology for any stray comment by someone deemed to be somehow associated to BJP or RSS is reserved only for leaders like Modi.


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