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May Month Article

  • Harappa-like site surfaces in Tamil Nadu
    • Arockiaraj Johnbosco, TNN
      With structure after structure surfacing from under the soil, the massive scale of an ancient urban centre that lies buried at Pallisanthai Thidal in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu is emerging...........
  • Decolonizing India’s Education
    • Maria Wirth
      As much as the English speaking left liberals may deny it, Sanskrit, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Vedic philosophy unites India even today..........
  • Govt understands matrix of security-development
    • D.C. Pathak
      If India’s internal security management is at its optimum best, the agents of the adversary would find it much more difficult to conduct their ‘espionage’ operations. .........
  • Why the RBI needs a change of guard
    • B S Raghavan
      India’s political class should shed its fascination for foreign-bred, foreign-trained and foreign-brainwashed promoters of exotic prescriptions.......
  • Economic benefits of educating girls
    • Kulwant Singh
      Educating a girl child can boost the economy. We must, therefore, not just send them to school, but ensure they make the most of it, writes KULWANT SINGH.....
  • Back Home: Heroes Amongst Us – Bina Kumari !
    • Punjaboutlook.com
      HOME is back. Thanks largely to several sessions of Accue-Pressure and Yogic Exercises added to months of medication to heal the spinal Lumber disorder, at last......
  • How Socialist Policies Encourage Corruption
    • M R Masani, Swarajya Staff
      With the Panama papers leak, revelations of AgustaWestland Scam, and Karti Chidambaram’s Benami empire, corruption and black money are back in the news......
  • A visit to Ayodhya
    • Antonia Filmer
      As the birthplace of one of India’s most beloved heroes, Ayodhya is to Rama devotees what Bethlehem is to Christians........
  • Anything but NEET
    • V. Anantha Nageswaran
      The Constitution makers would have never imagined that democracy would descend into anarchy through kritarchy......
  • Death of diversity
    • Irfan Husain
      THE recent brutal murders of secular and atheist bloggers, gay rights activists, academics and writers in Bangladesh have shocked the world.......
  • The Jungle-Raj Returns to Bihar!
    • Shwetank Bhushan
      Being a Bihari, my worst nightmare is now a reality, and the pain and the fear is difficult to express......….
  • Who Understands Modi?
    • Udupi Mahesh Prabhu
      Many in the media would have us believe that Prime Minister Modi is fast losing his popularity and difficult days lie ahead for him…..
  • The deepest Orientalist
    • Makarand R Paranjape
      The media is under threat from within. It is no longer seen as a credible medium. Its messages are massacred mercilessly.…..
  • CSDS Commie Wolves
    • Ravinar
      Recently, the issue of Shaheed Bhagat Singh being termed a “terrorist” in some Delhi University books came up in the media..…..
  • Extremism of the tribe
    • Khaled Ahmed
      Ibn Khaldun thought the tribals were bound together by their “asabiya” (group feeling) and were united in making war on the “soft” city..…..
  • Wendy Doniger Is Wrong, Agai
    • Naveen Chandra
      The article ‘The Repression of Religious Studies’ by Wendy Doniger touches on many topics of which I chose to address a few. ...…..
  • CAG out of the bag
    • Sam Rajappa
      The BJP government of Narendra Modi is in a dilemma over whether or not to subject Shashi Kant Sharma.....…..

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