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What is it like working with PM Narendra Modi?

Publication: Quora.com
Date: June 26, 2016
URL:   https://www.quora.com/What-it-is-like-working-with-PM-Narendra-Modi/answers/24335792?share=4b5ab4bd

I coordinate a monthly Video Conferencing session for a State chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chief Secretaries of States and Secretaries of GoI Ministries . The program is named PRAGATI(https://pragati.nic.in)

* Every month 12-15 projects/issues/programs are selected by PMO which are pending for years, or are of higher priories. This is done in 3rd week of month or before.

* Projects are made available to states through this portal where states need to reply questions. Few questions related to project are asked where states/GoI Ministries need file a reply 3 days prior to VC.

* Since nobody wants to show their pendancy in front of PM, Ministries/States try to resolve the issue before filing the reply and then files the response. So most of the long pending issues get resolved as soon as it is considered in PRAGATI.

On the Video Conferencing Day -

* PM himself convenes the 2 hours long Video Conferencing Session. No help is required.

* You will be surprised to know that he is aware of even minor things about the project which many times State Secretaries/Ministries are unaware of.

* Once it is scheduled, PM makes no changes in schedule. No matter how much is tired. Once he conducted right after he is returned from foreign trip. While once he did all day of Campaigning on last day of Bihar campaign. He had sore throat and extremely tired but completed the Session. Salute to him.

* Issues between States and Center Ministries are resolved by discussion then and there. While earlier they were discussed through letters and no verbal communications causing project cost escalation in crores.

* PM has great sense of humor. Many times cracks jokes and at no time you find the session boring. Minutes of the meetings are issued in public domain. (https://pragati.nic.in)

* Follow up has to be filed on another portal called e-Samiksha. (Monitoring follow-up action on the decisions taken in meetings)

I have been government service in Congress regime but never saw a communication from PMO. But now I am occupied working for PMO most of the times. He is amazing. Gives solutions out of the box. Believes in shortening distance by face to face communication. For him nation is first. The only thing I can say that, he well deserving as a Prime Minister.


1. Removing views and upvotes.

2. I am coordinator for this program posted at a state. I am NOT a PMO official.  There might be many such programs running.

3. Information which I have shared is already in public domain. Even minutes of meeting are public. More information made available on DD news,  local newspapers. So there is nothing like insider information that I have shared.

4. Let us not discuss my anonymity. Focus should be just on the topic under discussion.

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