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26 women report 'Cologne style' organised sex attacks at German music festival

Author: Justin Huggler
Publication: The Telegraph
Date: June 1, 2016

Police in Germany are investigating reports of dozens of sexual assaults against women at a music festival using tactics that appear to be a smaller scale repeat of the New Year attacks in Cologne.

So far 26 women have come forward to say they were assaulted at the Schlossgrabenfest festival in the city of Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt, on Saturday, and 14 have made formal criminal complaints.

Three Pakistani men, two of whom are asylum-seekers, are currently under investigation. The third man is a long-term resident of Germany.

The men, who are aged between 28 and 31, were arrested on Sunday and later released for lack of evidence. “There are no grounds to continue to hold them,” a police spokesman said.

There are fears the incidents could cause a backlash against immigrants after it emerged most of victims described their attackers as foreign in appearance.

“The women said that it was their impression the perpetrators were South Asian,” a police spokesman said.

The tactics reported by the women are reminiscent of the New Year sex attacks in Cologne, in which hundreds of women were assaulted outside the city’s main railway station.

“The women complained that they were surrounded by small groups of men who then touched them inappropriately,” a spokesman for the Darmstadt police said.

There has been a widespread backlash against asylum-seekers since the attacks

The open-air music festival featuring German pop, rock and hip-hop performers attracted crowds of more than 400,000 people over four days.

Most of the victims are believed to be young women in their late teens and early twenties.

Police in Cologne have now identified 73 suspects in the sex attacks and believe most of the perpetrators were illegal immigrants from Morocco and Algeria, including some who entered Germany posing as asylum-seekers.

The suspects were described as “overwhelmingly” made up of asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants by Ulrich Bremer of the Cologne prosecutor’s office. The suspects also include three German nationals.

In February, a 33-year-old Moroccan man was arrested over the attacks after an 18-year-old woman recognised him when he appeared in a documentary about petty crime entitled “King of the Pickpockets”.

There has been a widespread backlash against asylum-seekers since the attacks, and the case provoked widespread public anger at Angela Merkel over her “open-door” refugee policy.



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