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I'm Not Spineless: Kerala Top Cop's Facebook Post After Losing Job

Author: Sneha Mary Koshy
Publication: NDTV.com
Date: June 2, 2016
URL:   http://www.ndtv.com/kerala-news/week-after-ldf-government-takes-charge-keralas-top-officers-reshuffled-1414550?pfrom=home-topstories

Taking to his official Facebook page, the outgoing DGP, the outspoken TP Senkumar, aired his views on his transfer on Facebook.

A day before he lost his job as Kerala's top police officer, TP Senkumar wrote on Facebook that he is not spineless.
" I have my vertebras still in place. I have never appeased anyone for a posting. I have tried to be impartial and fair,"  Mr Senkumar wrote in English.

Mr Senkumar has been replaced with Lokhnath Behera just a week after the Left front replaced the earlier Congress-led government. Senior bureaucrats have been transferred too.
In 2006, the Supreme Court ruled that the term for the Director General of Police for any state should run at least two years to ensure that if a government changes, there is continuity in the leadership and investigations of the police force, and political interference or pressure is minimalized.

State Police Chief Kerala 
May 31 at  9: 48 am
To all my readers

This may be my last facebook post as SPC of Kerala. This facebook page was created with an intention to have continuous and mutual beneficial interaction. Due to some of the exigencies, this may not have been fully possible. However, I have to thank you for all the suggestions and reactions. I have joined as an IES officer in the Government of India in 1981, before joining IPS. During the last 35 years I have always kept honesty, integrity and justice and a special care for the downtrodden. I still have all my vertebras intact. I have never appeased anybody for any posting. I have always tried to be impartial and fair.

I can leave this place with full satisfaction that in my entire service career I have never asked any subordinate officer to do anything illegal. I have never allowed in my knowledge to arrest an innocent and pad up evidences. I hope this is the greatest satisfaction that a police officer can get. I have always resisted illegitimate interferences.

So Thank you all !

The former police chief of Kerala had posted this on an official Facebook page he created.

But Mr Senkumar has been removed after just one year in office.

The government says it has no regrets but offers no details for transferring Mr Senkumar. "There is nothing wrong in it. Only the right decisions have been taken," pronounced  EP Jayarajan, Industries Minister.
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