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September Month Article

  • Slaughterhouse Kerala
    • Mediacrooks.com
      This has been going on for decades. If the murders of Hindus, RSS and ABVP workers in Kerala is not receiving......…
  • Siwan Ke Sholay
    • Shefali Vaidya
      In the cult Hindi movie Sholay, there is this famous dialogue by the villain Gabbar Singh....…
  • Uri: Let’s give war a chance
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly condemned the terror attack at Uri in Jammu & Kashmir in which 17 soldiers were killed....…
  • Hindu power: Part 1
    • Francois Gautier
      Once upon a time Hindus had power: emperors like Chandragupta, who was advised by the remarkable Chanakya....…
  • The full circle of reason
    • Shashank Joshi
      Its faith in Pakistan as an interlocutor for peace shaken, Afghanistan opts for a tighter embrace of its old ally India....…
  • Are Hinduism studies prejudiced? 
    • Sankrant Sanu
      The scholarship of certain sections of the academic community studying Hinduism has been controversial in the Indian community...…....
  • Understanding Modi’s Sanskrit Epithets-I
    • Dr. Jayakumar S. Ammangudi
      Modi’s speeches are sprinkled with many phrases that are not in Hindi, like “Ahimsa Paramo DharmaH”. Most of these are in Sanskrit.…..
  • Hindu Dharma needs to spread
    • Maria Wirth
      Intellectual integrity and truth are obviously unwanted in our times. These have been displaced by political correctness....…...
  • Islamisation of Kashmiriyat
    • Sandeep Bamzai
      The all-party delegation going from Delhi to Kashmir to offer balm and salve must keep in mind that the last....…...

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