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Black Day for Liberals…8 SIMI Terrorists Killed in Bhopal, 120 Pakistani Rangers Killed at LoC!

Author: Aishwarya S
Publication: Postcard.news
Date: October 31, 2016
URL:   http://postcard.news/black-day-liberals-8-simi-terrorists-killed-bhopal-120-pakistani-rangers-killed-loc/?utm_source=IndiaArisingNews-facebook&utm_campaign=IndiaArisingNews-facebook-utm&utm_medium=cpm

In a massive encounter operation, the Bhopal police have killed all eight SIMI terrorists who escaped from Bhopal Central jail in the early hours of Monday. The terrorists were facing treason charges and were serving jail term.

The terrorist killed a policeman by slitting his throat during the escape and the Incident is said to have taken place at around 12-2 am morning when the city was celebrating Deepawali. This was the second major jail break by the same SIMI group in three years after a seven member group had escaped from Khandwa Jail in Madhya Pradesh in 2013.

The eight men who escaped in the morning, were located in a village called Eintkhedi in the outskirts of Bhopal when locals noticed them near a lake and immediately informed the police. The police along with the Anti Terror Squad launched massive search operations in the area. The terrorists were said to be carrying weapons and started firing at the police injuring 2 policemen. The police retaliated immediately killing all 8 terrorists on the spot. The operation lasted for 40 minutes and police were successful in neutralizing the terrorists.

The police said they had planned to launch major terror attacks in the country and had already collected weapons and few hand bombs.

This is a matter of concern since this is the second time the terrorists fled the jail. The matter needs to be investigated on what lead to security lapse. Police are also suspecting the role of an insider who may have helped the terrorists fled the jail. Reports have revealed that the terrorists were being updated with information and developments outside even when they were in jail.

Looks like terrorists are having bad time as they are being killed in massive numbers both inside and outside India.Our soldiers are giving bad time to Pakistani sponsored terrorists while the police in India are showing terrorists way to hell! Reports suggest that around 120 Pakistani rangers have been killed at LoC!


Madhya Pradesh Police gun down all eight terrorists who escaped Central Jail in Bhopal. State HM Bhoopendra Singh speaks to @TimesNow pic.twitter.com/cYitqjFTTG

— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) October 31, 2016


Mean time terror sympathizers continue their CRY for terrorists!

NDTV  @ndtv

Eight prisoners escape from Bhopal central jail, one security gaurd killed, Security guard killed, says police: Press Trust of India

7.27 am 31 Oct 16




8 SIMI terrorists flee from Bhopal Central Jail after murdering a jail gaurd.

7.36 am  31 Oct 16

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