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Kashmiris and Pakistanis subscribe en masse to Washington Post after Barkha joins as contributor

Publication: The Unreal Times
Date: October 28, 2016
URL:   http://www.theunrealtimes.com/2016/10/28/kashmiris-and-pakistanis-subscribe-en-masse-to-washington-post-after-barkha-joins-as-contributor/

American daily newspaper The Washington Post has gained substantial number of subscribers over the past few hours following its announcement of legendary journalist Barkha Dutt joining the publication as a contributor for global opinions.

As a contributing columnist, Ms. Dutt, who has won numerous awards during her illustrious career as a journalist, including TV Personality of the Year, awarded by AIB (Association for International Broadcasting), will now take the issues closer to her viewers, which many believe are the staff members of NDTV, to an international platform.

The spike in the subscription has primarily been noticed in the Kashmir region where Ms. Dutt is seen more often than the local residents.  As a matter of fact, experts believe if Kashmir becomes an independent nation, she might earn a place in the history books of independent Kashmir, or the currency notes might have her photo printed on them, or at least a road could be named after her as an acknowledgement for her contribution to the separatists movement.

Her tireless campaign to put forward the points of view of terrorists has been appreciation by many across the border and her minute-by-minute coverage of army movements along the LoC has helped many prepare for the situation in advance and respond accordingly.  And although the services would still be available on NDTV, it seems a few in the Kashmir valley do not want to rely on a single source of information, especially when there are multiple options available now.

Meanwhile, the competitors of The Washington Post have been caught off guard by the development and they are ruing the missed opportunity to reach a new audience.  Some of them, however, are trying to regain the lost ground, and reports suggest that The New York Times is already in talks with Hafiz Saeed to write a weekly column for it.
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