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January Month Article

  • What is honesty in journalism?
    • Rohit Gandhi
      Journalists have not been able to stay away from circles of power. They have taken the role of middlemen.......
  • Activists lose their war on Jallikattu
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      The Jallikattu controversy underlines not only the hold of activists over legislation and governance but also their disdain for tradition.......
  • The ground beneath their feat
    • Amarnath Tewary
      One man in the district otherwise infamous for Mohammad Shahabuddin is scripting a story of hope and success for village girls.......
  • What Is The Kashmir Problem?
    • Sushant Sareen
      Kashmir has for long been a virtual industry for all sorts of out-of-work politicians, former officials......
  • Is Ramayana oppressive?
    • Dr. Rangan Ramakrishnan
      This article aims to to give some critical views regarding some of Sheldon Pollock’s opinions on Ramayana.........
  • PM Modi's message on the power of laughter: Top quotes
    • The Times of India
      After greeting the nation on harvest festivals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about the importance of humour in our lives while paying tribute to political satirist Cho Ramaswamy..........
  • The saffron rainbow
    • Dr Rakesh Sinha
      The ideological moorings of the RSS are criticised by the Left and neoliberal Right. But its approach has always been a creative one.........
  • Niti Aayog calls for review of RTE Act
    • Yuthika Bhargava
      The Niti Aayog has called for a review of the provisions of the Right To Education Act that stipulate that children who don’t perform well cannot be held back up to class VIII.........
  • SC to bleed swindling NGOs dry
    • Abraham Thomas
      The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Centre to crack down on non-governmental and voluntary organisations.......
  • SC to Govt: Make NGOs accountable for funds
    • The Indian Express
      A bench led by J S Khehar regretted that there was no regulatory mechanism to make NGOs answerable on utilising funds while the government pumped in public money........
  • The Runaway Kaamchor
    • Ravinar
      Every job and profession requires certain talents and skills. One can get by with lesser talent but hard to get by without the requisite skills.........
  • Reclaiming India’s leverage on Tibet
    • Brahma Chellaney
      India’s instinctive chariness and reserve on the issue persist, despite an increasingly muscular China upping the ante against it..…..
  • Not a tragedy, but the remedy
    • S. Gurumurthy
      Narendra Modi is correcting the monumental mismanagement of the economy by the economist Dr. Manmohan Singh...…..
  • Ayodhya: Marxist Mischief
    • Jayakrishnan Nair 
      “The Ram temple is to a Hindu, what Mecca and Medina are to a Muslim....…..
  • How green is my Bengal?
    • Kanchan Gupta
      Mamata Banerjee dismissed the incident at Dhulagarh, said journalists should be “ashamed” of reporting it…..

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