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Inside story: How the Saharanpur violence was stage managed to embarrass Yogi

Author: Vicky Nanjappa
Publication: Oneindia.com
Date: May 27, 2017
URL:   http://www.oneindia.com/india/inside-story-how-the-saharanpur-violence-was-stage-managed-to-embarrass-yogi-2446462.html?utm_source=article&utm_medium=tweet-button&utm_campaign=article-tweet

More leads are emerging to suggest that the Saharanpur violence was entirely stage managed. It was a well-oiled network of a political party that offered Rs 50 lakh to some people to ensure that violence erupted. Moreover investigations have also been found a major political party in Uttar Pradesh wanted to ensure that the violence continued so that the blame of Dalits being targeted fell upon the government in the state.

The Principal Home Secretary of UP, Mani Parsad Mishra termed the recent caste- based violence as a "well-planned" conspiracy. Addressing a press conference here, he said though there had been incidents of violence reported from the district in the last few years but it had not attained the magnitude which was witnessed during April 20, May 5, May 9 and May 23 clashes.

It was also witnessed that since April 20 violence, the intensity of such incidents has been on a rise and some where it has been felt that there was something lacking in the police administration.On the arrest of leader of Bhim Army Chandrashekhar Azad, he said he would be arrested soon.

The role of a political party has come under the scanner for orchestrating the Sahranpur violence. A report by the Intelligence Bureau states that the violence was part of a larger conspiracy to embarrass the government in Uttar Pradesh.

On May 5 violence had broken out in Sahranpur, UP when a procession by Thakurs to mark the birth anniversary of 16th-century Rajput king Maharana Pratap, entered Jatav settlements.

Sources say that they do not rule out the protests being stage-managed. A certain amount of money had been paid off to stage the violence, investigators also question. An amount of Rs 50 lakh was spent on staging the violence by a particular political party, it is also suspected.

The Intelligence Bureau has been collecting information and leads regarding the incident. It was triggered at the behest of a political party to embarrass the government in UP, an officer informed. Moreover the persons who triggered it off wanted the same to become a chain reaction across UP, the officer also noted.

The flare-up began on May 5 when Dalits objected to the procession being carried out by the Thakurs and Rajputs. One Thakur youth was killed in the clashes and this led to the homes of 50 Dalits being torched.

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