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Rahul Easwar breeches Court’s security directives: Love jihad victim’s parents to proceed legally

Publication: Haindavakeralam.com
Date: August 21, 2017

Parents of Akhila, the love jihad victim, whose case is being heard in Supreme Court, have come down heavily against social activist Rahul Easwar, for having entered their residence with a hidden spy camera and resorted to video recording without permission. Rahul Easwar is alleged to have done the deceitful act after having befriended the family for over a month and earned their trust. Having put on the  garb of pretending to help them, he has now been accused of jeopardizing the family’s security in toto. The family plans to proceed against him legally.

According to Akhila’s father, the matter came to their notice when friends, relatives and their legal counsel contacted them after having witnessed the recording on television channels. “We were not aware that we were being caught on camera during the course of conversation. A photo was taken too, which Easwar said, was for keepsake. He came under the guise of a helper, but least expected him to jeopardize the family’s security. We are proceeding against him legally,” said Akhila’s father Ashokan, adding that he had doubts if Rahul was an agent of the terror recruiters and was acting on their behalf.

Meanwhile the NIA has taken serious note of the incident which is being seen as lapse on the part of police, in a case that has strict orders regarding security from High Court.

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