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Arun Jaitley targets CPM: Annihilation of political enemies its prime concern

Author: Shaju Philip
Publication:  The Indian Express
Date: August 7, 2017
URL:    http://indianexpress.com/article/india/arun-jaitley-targets-cpm-annihilation-of-political-enemies-its-prime-concern-4785570/lite/

Finance minister visits home of RSS worker killed last week, assures help to family

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday blamed the ruling CPM in Kerala for the political violence in the state and said that those engaging in violence against BJP and RSS workers must remember that “our organisation and political party have survived generations despite these kinds of assaults”. Jaitley was in Kerala to visit the family of RSS worker Rajesh, who was killed last week, allegedly by a gang owing allegiance to CPM.

After consoling Rajesh’s family members and ensuring them financial support, Jaitley told a gathering of RSS and BJP workers, “This kind of violence would neither suppress the ideology in Kerala nor scare our workers and cadres. Instead, it is going to increase the determination of our cadres. We must continue to be inspired by the sacrifices of the karyakartas and ensure support to the families, which have suffered in the violence.’’

He said the party’s central leadership asked him to visit the state to express solidarity with party workers in Kerala. “Our workers have started a campaign to support families which lost their breadwinners due to the violence,” he said. Blaming the CPM-led LDF government for the political violence, he said, “The challenge for any government in Kerala is to make the state prosperous. But the prime concern of the current ruling party is to use its cadres to annihilate political enemies and to create an environment of political violence.’’ Speaking to mediapersons later, he said political violence in Kerala had always seen a rise under the Left regime. “You cornered a victim and inflicted multiple wounds. The kind of wounds inflicted on Rajesh would have embarrassed even terrorists,’’ he said.

Alleging that police remained a mute spectator when BJP party offices and leaders were attacked, he said it is the responsibility of the state to bring perpetrators of crime to book. On the role of the BJP and RSS leaders in the incidents of violence, he said, “An argument is being propagated that there are victims on all sides. Fake equivalence is being sought to be brought between perpetrators of crime and victims. This attitude would not bring in peace. What is needed is efficiency, fairness and neutrality by the state police. The state government should discipline its cadres instead of letting them loose on political opponents.’’

Jaitley said he was appealing to all political parties, especially the ruling party, to ensure that the state is rid of the “atmosphere of violence”. “The state needs and deserves peace. We can understand that aberrations are exceptions. But when it comes to a series of incidents, the state’s environment is vitiated.’’

Deploring the “silence” over the political violence in Kerala, he said, “If the kind of political violence that has taken place in Kerala would have taken place in a BJP- or NDA-ruled state, what would’ve happened? Awards would have been returned, Parliament would not have been allowed to function and campaigns would have been carried out within and outside the country.” He said those who speak against “single incidents of violence” taking place in other parts of the country have been “completely silent on this continuing saga of violence’’.
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