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September Month Article

  • .Buddhists and Rohingyas are incompareable
    • Rita Gupta
      After Buddha achieved nirvana at Gaya, he came to Sarnath and found his five disciples who had earlier abandoned him and preached his first sermon to them........
  • How The Gorkhas Celebrate Durga Puja
    • Madhulika Dash
      Unlike Bengal, where Durga Puja is an emotional five-day festival that celebrates the homecoming of goddesses Durga and her children........
  • Myanmar’s jihadi curse
    • Brahma Chellaney
      The truth is that Myanmar’s jihadi scourge is decades old, a legacy of British colonialism..........
  • I too need to speak up
    • Rajeev Chandrasekhar
      After three years of repair and rebuilding, the Indian economy is in a better place than it was in 2014. It is prepared to deliver longer periods of higher rates of growth.........
  • 68 cows rescued from smugglers
    • The Times of India
      Cracking a whip on the inter-state smuggling of cows, the Alwar police from Gandhola village near.......
  • Raids dig up empire of PC’s son
    •  J Gopikrishnan
      Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti has built a huge empire for himself in different parts........
  • The man behind Modi: Lakshmanrao Inamdar
    • Sandeep Unnithan
      The senior RSS leader who had the most profound impact on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate's early years was also the father figure Modi never had..........
  • Dividing by caste in Britain
    • Nitin Mehta
      For many years now a caste booster lobby of Dalits has been campaigning to bring in a law to ban “caste discrimination” in the United Kingdom........
  • The joy of Puja platter
    • Rahul Verma
      From moruala to moong dal, Iti Aunty’s thaala at Monkey Bar brings a range of delectable options to the table.........
  • Rahul go back
    • Sunil Sharan
      Thirty thousand Indian youngsters enter the job market every day. Only 450 get jobs. From American coast to coast, from Berkeley to Princeton........
  • 10 Maoists surrender in Bastar
    • The Hindu
      Ten members of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), who worked in the Darbha division of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, surrendered to the police on Friday.........
  • Defending The Indefensible, The Lutyens Elite Way
    • Shwetank Bhushan Singh
      The rot in the Lutyens ecosystem is so deep that even people convicted of, and having admitted to, sexual offences are defended and helped as if nothing happened at all.........
  • Why Rohingyas need to be deported
    • Abhijit Majumder @abhijitmajumder
      Hosting over 14,000 refugees from the community will give Pakistan a chance to create trouble in India...........
  • Stop lying, Pakistan
    • Sushant Sareen @sushantsareen
      The list of lies that Pakistanis peddle is endless, but they get away with it is because nobody fact-checks the snake oil they sell........
  • Why nobody is sincere about UCC
    • Partha S Ghosh
      India's longest surviving joke is its commitment to a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The only person who did not get the joke was BR Ambedkar.......
  • Motivation-Lady Courageous
    • Salute.co.in
      It was a biting cold, late winter evening in Jan 2004, at Baramula — a border town with the notorious and well deserved reputation for being the hub of terrorism in North Kashmir.........
  • Marriage most foul
    • K. Venkateshwarlu
      They are married to Arab men old enough to be their fathers. K. Venkateshwarlu reports from the old city of Hyderabad on child brides.….…
  • Martyrs’ wives start new lives as Army officers
    • V Ayyappan, Surendra Singh, Sandip Dighe
      After marching to 'Auld Lang Syne' at Chennai's Officers' Training Academy, 332 candidates broke ranks and hugged to celebrate becoming officers of the Indian Army.….…
  • Sorry Murdered Journalist! You are not Gauri…
    • Goachronicle.com
      As I write this editorial on the dastardly death of Gauri Lankesh, I am sent a news update from stringer in Bihar that a journalist Pankaj Mishra of ‘Rashtriya Sahara’ was shot this afternoon...….…
  • China’s War on Dissent
    • Cholpon Orozobekova
      At a  press briefing on August 24, hosted by the ISHR (International Service for Human Rights)….….
  • Why Rohingyas need to be deported
    • Abhijit Majumder @abhijitmajumder
      Hosting over 14,000 refugees from the community will give Pakistan a chance to create trouble in India.….….
  • Why Amit Shah was not wrong
    • Rediff.com
      'Politics and religion can be a combustive combination, but this once I am pleased that Pinarayi Vijayan made an issue of a rather innocuous tweet by Amit Shah.'.….…..
  • Blurring the lines between royalty and commoner
    • Rajendra P Kerkar, TNN
      Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi, the 250-year-old Shivtirth Palace in Ponda is thronged by Hindus seeking to worship the elephant-headed deity within it..….…..

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