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Now this is TRUE 56 Inch!!! Modi Government’s biggest crackdown on Christian missionaries conducting illegal conversions

Author: Postcard Team
Publication: Postcard.news
Date: November 1, 2017
URL:    http://postcard.news/now-true-56-inch-modi-governments-biggest-crackdown-christian-missionaries-conducting-illegal-conversions/amp/

Extending its efforts against International NGO’s and Christian Missionaries, Modi Government has started a massive crackdown on Christian groups Believers Church, which was founded by K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia, and three other groups associated with it, from receiving foreign funds.

The Ministry of Home Affairs led by Rajnath Singh has cancelled the registrations of the southern India-based Believers Church and three of its affiliates — Ayana Charitable Trust (formerly Gospel for Asia India), Love India Ministries and Last Hour Ministry — under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

As per Modi Government sources the Compassion International and other Christian missionaries were getting funds from foreign countries for carrying out illegal religious conversions. Though as expected the Charity’s executives denied the allegation and said they were not given a chance to rebut the government’s claims.

They said, “We are not bringing foreign funds, as there is a standing revision order (on the FCRA registrations, normally given for a five-year period and then renewed thereafter,)” Believers Church spokesperson Fr. Sijo Panthapallil was quoted as saying.

In a shocking revelation it was found that the Ayana Charitable Trust alone received around $206 million, mostly from the United States, during the last financial year.

It is also need to remember that Home Ministry has cancelled foreign aid licenses of six Christian Missionaries organizations in 2016 and 10,011 in 2015 which were getting massive funding from abroad.

Earlier this year, more than 100 members of the U.S. Congress wrote a letter to India’s Home Minister, urging him to allow U.S.-based Christian child sponsorship organization Compassion International to continue its work in that country. The Colorado-based charity said the decision impacted nearly 147,000 babies, children and young adults registered in its child development programs, as well as 127 staff.

As expected, these organizations tried to create a sort of pressure on Indian Government to not to put any kind of ban on the funding of these Charities, however Indian Government didn’t blink and carry out the ban as per their plan.

Last February, the Dallas-based Stanley Law Group filed a class action lawsuit against GFA alleging that the mission’s agency and several of its affiliates fraudulently solicited hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable donations, and misdirected the money into Yohannan’s “personal empire.”

It is also found that these missionaries are using the foreign funds for their own purpose and directing the received funds into their personal accounts and they are investing heavily in the purchasing assets across the India.

What do you think, is Modi government taking the correct decision to stop the funding of these Christian missionaries? Do you think government is right when it bans the funding which is used for illegal conversions? In a recent report, a shocking information has been found that in 8 states of India, the number of Christians have been increased drastically, and the biggest reason for that is illegal conversion among lower castes of Hindus.
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