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Kerala Muslim woman gets death threats for slamming triple talaq, writes to CM

Author: TNM Staff
Publication: The News Minute
Date: December 28, 2017
URL:   https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/kerala-muslim-woman-gets-death-threats-slamming-triple-talaq-writes-cm-73836?amp&__twitter_impression=true

Jamida, secretary of the Khuran Sunnath Society, was also attacked at home twice, but she claims that the police let the culprits off.

The secretary of the Khuran Sunnath Society, Jamida, has written to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan as death threats continue to pour in after she spoke against the practice of triple talaq.

Jamida, also a human rights activist, told Manorama , “How can politicians call themselves elected representatives if women cannot feel safe after they raise their voice against triple talaq?”

Adding that she had written to the CM, she said that despite her repeated complaints to the police about the threats no action has been taken so far.

Earlier this year, Jamida, speaking about triple talaq, had said at the Khuran Sunnath Society, “A Christian, a Muslim and a Hindu should be equal in front of the law. Women also deserve the lawful protection that a man gets in this country.”

“As long as we live in a democratic country like Indian, abiding its Constitution, how can a Muslim man have a different law for his acts?” she asked.

According to the Manorama report, she was attacked at home twice, but she alleged that the police let the culprits off after arresting them initially.

“I have been getting death threats on social media that have disturbed my peace of mind. No action has been taken so far. They even threatened me saying that nothing would be left of me for my last rituals,” added Jamida.

She alleged that the police and other authorities had turned a blind eye to her threats for they were trying to shield the culprits.

“A lot of these trolls cannot stomach the fact that I stand up against the suppression of Muslim women. More threats may come in the future but I will still continue to speak for the oppressed,” she said.

The proposed bill to criminalise triple talaq will be tabled in the winter session of the Parliament on Thursday.
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