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Left-leaning professors were paid to spread naxal poison in Delhi varsities, show mails

Author: Siddhartha Rai
Publication: Mynation.com
Date: August 31, 2018
URL:    https://www.mynation.com/news/jet-airways-india-news-jaipur-international-airport-air-disaster-air-traffic-control-pehimr

As a matter of strategy, the naxals themselves explain in a letter that student politics is to be aligned to the naxal design of destabilising the nation’s government

While several urban naxals, who had hitherto been masquerading as rights activists and poets, were arrested by the Maharashtra police recently, MyNation accessed secret letters exchanged between Maoist brass, suggesting a nexus between university professors from across India and forces conspiring against the nation.

One such letter gave the impression that left-leaning teachers from various varsities of India, who formed fact-finding missions or teams to probe instances of ‘right-wing excesses’ or ‘tyranny of the state’, were paid money by the naxal movement.

One such mission had allegedly been formed by teachers from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Jamia Millia Islamia to investigate the Godhra carnage and Gujarat riots of 2002.

In one such letter accessed by MyNation, comrade Surendra, who in the naxal correspondences is revealed to be a close associate of arrested urban naxal Varavara Rao, apparently talks about passing on funds received from Rao for several disruptive and violent activities. One such purpose of the money looks to be paying professors at different colleges and universities.

“Red salute,” greets Surendra, while writing to another comrade Prakash, adding, “I received your letter. Please ask comrade Manoj to contact me so that I can get funds to you which comrade Varavara Rao has given to me.”

He further said, “Members of fact-finding committees are reluctant to join them as they are not receiving money in time, especially our professors from Delhi, Maharashtra and Hyderabad. I have been given funds also for taking care of them.”

Apart from this, the naxals had allegedly made several student organisations active in Delhi’s colleges and universities, in a bid to recruit cadre from these institutions. As a matter of strategy, the naxals themselves seem to explain in yet another letter, student politics is to be aligned to the naxal design of destabilising the nation’s government.

Replying to comrade Surendra, comrade Prakash writes, “Part of the funds (Rs 2 lakh) provided to you at the 9th AGM lecture must be spent for organising protests and programmes led by our student activists... DUSU (Delhi University Students’ Union), JNUSU (Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union), APSC (most probably IIT Madras’ Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle), AISF (All India Students Federation), NSUI (Congress’s students’ arm National Students Union of India) and others must be encouraged to actively participate in protests...”

“We must intensify nationwide protests,” writes Prakash, adding, “State forces will be soft against students which will gradually put the state at a disadvantage while acting against us.”
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